Michael Stokes, a gifted California fine arts photographer, has launched a new series called Veteran Portrait Photography. In it, he features amputees and prosthetic-wearing veterans posing confidently in revealing poses.

Alex Minsky, a US Marine, was the driving force behind this incredible collaborative endeavour. In 2009, he lost a leg to a roadside bomb in Afghanistan, and doctors there had to amputate it. Many additional service members joined in with Minsky’s brilliant suggestion to focus the picture session on self-assurance rather than the familiar veteran stories. Stokes eventually wrote a book about the experience titled “Always Loyal.”

Stokes said to MTV, “Some people will say to me, ‘Oh, this is great to their self-esteem,’ or, “you’re making them feel like guys again.” In which stokes reacted. These men have arrived at my door quite whole and prepared to take on the world. I refuse to restore their faith in me. That’s not necessary, as they already possess it.

More info: michaelstokes.net | Facebook | Kickstarter

I’m not restoring their trust in me. What they need, they have.
















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