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Wiley, the Dalmatian with his heart on his nose, would like to welcome you.

Every day, nature amazes us with its wonders, from frost on the glass to animal designs.

The story we’re about to tell you is about an adorable Dalmatian whose nose seems to be made for kissing.


Wiley the Dalmatian wins over people left and right, despite his owner giving him more kisses. Wiley, the Dalmatian, was not born with the simple black spots Dalmatians have.


His nose-mounted heart has made him one of the most popular dogs. Many people follow him because it’s impossible not to smile when you see this puppy.


Wiley’s owner, Lexi Smith, says she got the Dalmatian from a breeder. When discussing Wiley’s preferences, Lexi knew she and the pup were meant to be.


Lexi says that Wiley, like her, enjoys eating, sleeping, and cuddling and that they have thus found a common language. The heart on Wiley’s nose made him an internet celebrity, and people loved following Wiley’s fascinating life.


Lexi spends most of her time with the dog, who has become her best friend. She updates their Instagram with regular pictures for their followers. While many-people wear their hearts on their sleeves, the puppy with his heart on his nose has captured the hearts of millions-of-people all over the world.



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