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Who is Sisu? – The Little Pit Bull

People are the best friends of men, so who are the best friends of dogs? Recently, Sisu has been the tale for this stray 1-year-old pit bull. A pit bull named Sisu, one-year-old, loved a violet unicorn, a plush animal. He has tried this toy many times from a store called Dollar General. Sisu comes back to get it, but he has chased out of the shop.

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The officer who came, Samantha Lane, bought the puppy and the puppy left. He couldn’t release from the toy after that. The shelter officials believe that maybe Sisu had such a toy or may have had its previous owner. He and his Unicorn got a home forever after Sisu’s tale became known to people.



This marionette was called Sisu wanted a pal and so attempted to rob from a shop this unicorn plushie.

The dog can’t remove it from his toy and stays with it each second. The shelter staff supposes that Sisu has a similar toy either his owners have one. After he and his favourite toy became viral, they found their eternal home!

On the streets, life is hard, but a street-dog called Sisu knew that if he had the luxury of a fluffy purple unicorn, it would be a little less lonely.

More than anything in the world, Sisu wanted the plush toy, even if he had to steal it.


Sisu romped five times in North Carolina last week to try and swipe the unicorn doll. But every time he took it, an employee saw it, took away the toy and placed it on a shelf. The Dollar General employee called Duplin County Animal Services for assistance until it became clear that Sisu would not give up.

“We received a call from our contact center, [Sisu] was going to a dollar general, and he took the unicorn five times,” the Duplin County Animal Services supervisor, Joe Newburn, told The Document. “So, they finally had to lock the door, not let it go. When my officer figured out that he wanted the Unicorn, she bought it.” The purchase of the toy just seemed like the best way for animal control officer Samantha Lane. “She only bought the unicorn because she is doing it,” said Newburn. “She’s doing this with any animal she falls in contact with.”

Nobody knows why Sisu has obsessed with the Unicorn, but they assume that he will link it to his old home. And now that the one-year-old dog has his dreams’ toy, he doesn’t let it go.

“Something that’s still he,” said Newburn. “It is only when it gets dirty that he doesn’t bother with it. However, once you’ve washed and cleaned it, it’s his friend again.” Sisu and his Unicorn go to North Carolina’s Lab Rescue, helping him with his attacks on other male pets. He’s going to return to his eternal home until he’s cleared.

Newburn said, “He’s such a nice dog. “I love playing, and he is brilliant. Sitting down, staying, shaking hands. He’s wonderful.” Whoever is fortunate enough to accept Sisu gets for the price of one-two best mates.


More on this friendship

Dogs may be the best friend of the guy, but a unicorn – a lilac in this stuff – is the dog’s best friend. After a stray dog continued coming into a shop and being on the toy aisle, animal control officials called into a North Carolina Dollar General Shop. Joe Newburn, a Supervisor at Duplin County Animal Services, said that “He went straight for the Unicorn, the same one every time. “It was so odd, one of the oddest calls I ever had,” Newburn says.


The Kenansville workers (approximately 80 miles from Raleigh) told an animal control official that they would catch the Lab mix that would fade into the Dollar General any time a customer leaves. Every time the stray dog got into it, he picked up the same Unicorn pulpy toy.

“Finally, they had to lock their door to call us,” says Newburn to PEOPLE how animal control has taken part in the tale of this playful puppy.


Officer Samantha Lane, who replied to the call of the Dollar General Shop, was so taken away from the dog’s unicorn dedication that she purchased for the dog the $10 toy. According to Newburn, once his beloved stuffed animal had come off, the canine was glad to be with Lane.

In his latest film Raya and the Last Dragon, Lane took his dog into a shelter at the Duplin County Animal Services, where the staff called him Sisu.

“We may imagine only he came from a house where the animal or children he had in his house had similarly stuffed,” adds Newburn.

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Shortly after the arrival of Sisu, the shelter posted a photo of the pup and his Unicorn on their Facebook page. “It’s what occurs when you break into the Dollar General consistently to steal the purple Unicorn which you claim to have, but then the animal controls call for you to lock your B&E and larceny.

Sisu has considered a stray because nobody came to take him, but the puppy loves affection. He stays in the shelter with his Unicorn every night.

“This is so cute. It is incredible. It is wonderful. I mean, he is super clever, and he was obedient even though we got him to the animal hut. He’s sitting down. He’s shaking. Somebody ought to look for him, “Newburn says. Newburn says it. “I don’t know why he’d concentrate on the Unicorn other than he’d have it at home. If the shop had called and said that it was eating dogs, it would be more useful, but it would not hunt for a rainbow unicorn.”


According to Newburn, the hut has named by people who want to give Sisu – and his beloved Unicorn – an everlasting home. And it seems like it is now time the pair had their sachets packed as Sisu and his stuffed animal will have adopters and will soon move out of the shelter, according to a Friday Facebook post from Duplin County Animal Services.

Speaker Crystal Luce of Dollar General says that Dollar General plans to give the adoptive family ‘a few more purple unicorns’ thank you, Lane, Animal Management Officer, and a pet food donation to the Duplin County Animal Services.

“We’re excited to see his new toy happy, Sisu!” Added Luce.



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