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When you don’t know whether to laugh or cry as a parent!

You have no idea what it’s like to be in the presence of children. Until you have a child, of course. Regardless of how frightening or critical the situation is. Children will continue to be children. 

Children nowadays are more intelligent than those of the past. Because these kids are always ready to learn something new. Children who learn via experimentation will definitely change the world! Keep your children in the safe zone at all times…! 

Maybe your child is one of the people in this group. What would you do if you discovered yours like this? 

1. “As you can see… I left my footsteps there in perpetuity!” 

© kovikovi144 / reddit

2. When your daughter mistook you for her! ( That’s my little one, by the way! In the mirror, he’s kissing his twin!) 

© Trampolice / reddit

3. He’s feeding goldfish to his toy dog, while the actual dog, who needs to be fed, sits outside, irritated! 

© forester1983 / reddit

4. “Who told you that one straw at a time?” says the narrator. 

© IAmCanadian / reddit

5. Of course, it’s impossible to be a “mother” without having a child. That is precisely the purpose! 

© Why1sGam0Ra / reddit

6. I simply feel like I’m going to have to wait 45 years! 

© CFearon615 / reddit

7. When you’re up late watching cartoons and inadvertently wake up your mother at 3 a.m.! 

© picc / imgur

8. I recently noticed “The Immortal God of Legos” dozing off on his turf… 

© dreadpirateciv / imgur

9. “I believe I can explain… Just give me a chance.” 

© mjonesbulldog / imgur

10. You just need to balance your life, just like she does with her responsibilities. (Professional Multitasking) 

© KentuckyforKentucky / reddit

11. We’re out to supper when our daughter says, “Now is the perfect time to try this.” 

© thegreatbarcia / reddit

12. He cleaned his hands before hanging helplessly. 

© fiteMILK / reddit

13. When I was playing Hide & Seek, here is where I discovered my kid. 

© 11BINF / reddit

14. That is not a chalk square, believe it or not. It’s a PILLOW, after all! She’s also taking a sleep. 

© mpbishop / reddit

15. What would kids shooting photographs at Van Gogh’s studio be like? 

© Ka_paw / reddit

16. She prefers to sleep in strange locations in her own special sort of bed. Her sleeping bag was discovered in a Costco tote/container. 


17. This tiny “Piggy” is getting dressed herself and watching her older brother board the bus! 

© MatthewSmith58 / reddit

18. This is how the Statue of Liberty became engulfed in muck. 

© Fruitlessbox / reddit

19. Allow me to explain. For their school play, these youngsters were asked to dress up as elves. Have you seen the Elvis impersonator? 

© ChickenFilletRoll / reddit



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