When we talk about the America got talent, we can’t forget about Dustin Tavella. He is a magician and musician who ended up being a grand prize winner. AGT is a reality show that measures various skills of people and Dustin had the talent to touch their hearts with his amazing skills. Therefore this clever man could win AGT season 16 and millions of hearts all around the world.  


Dustin Tavella was born on 11th April 1986 and he is from Virginia beach, united states. He is an American magician singer and musician. This wonderful man’s mother is Patti Tavella and he has a sister.  Dustin was interested in magic in childhood. 

Little Dustin went to magic shows with his grandparents. He is one of the best singers and before starting his career, he joined a humanitarian organization and helped homeless people at some parts of his life. He has a handsome look that helped him to be a magician. Also, he has a wonderful talent for magic which he sharpened since very youngest age. Therefore he can win the fan’s hearts and he is lucky to win AGT season 16.

Dustin Tavella is a good singer and he is singing in his leisure time. The “Everybody Knows {Douchebag}” is a famous song of his.  Also, he likes to travel all over the world and adds photos to his Social Media accounts.

Family and relationships 

Dustin Tavella is married to Kari Gibson. This couple suffered from a miscarriage. He looks after an abandoned baby boy. After that, they had a baby in 2019. After that, they have two boys. They are Xander and Sylas and this lovely family lives in Virginia Beach currently. Dustin and his wife are devoutly Christian and they are active in pregnancy crisis and homeless ministries. In the AGT he finds the brother of the abandoned baby and it is a special thing in his life.

 His mother, sister, and family help with his job. He earns enough money and invests in his art. Dustin has a youtube channel and his loving family support continuing it


Dustin is a graduate person and he achieved it from a local high school. He has a special skill in magic and music. He has the best voice and fans love his various songs. However, he released a beautiful song which is “everybody knows”  in 2013. This song is world-famous and it went viral. He realized which is the positive impact of people by music. Therefore he is writing R & B pop songs and posting his youtube channel. Also, Dustin produced multiple singles and EPs since 2011.

He participated in a television reality show in 2012. After that, he gained some national exposure. He used a guitar and released single-related shows.

What happened at AGT 

America got talent in the world-famous competition which is brode cast by NBC television. Most talented people participate in this event. Dustin Tavella is one of person who participated in AGT. However, he can win first place in season 16.

This wonderful man started to do magic professionally in 2018. After he auditioned for the AGT season 16. the most talented people Singers, dancers, musical instrument players and more participated in it. However, this expert magician was selected for the final round. Mat Franco and Rico Rodriguez are competitors of Dustin. However, Dustin could win first place in this competition.

This special magician performed a wonderful magic show by telling stories. It was the best point for reach to the judge’s and audience’s hearts. Therefore he achieved marks and was voted to win the semifinal. Also, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara, and Simon Cowell gave a standing ovation for Dustin.

Magician Dustin won $1000000, a brand new motor car, and a live show in Las Vegas as a winner.

Where is Dustin Tavella now

After winning season 16, he is a head person on Las Vegas yet. His loving wife and son helped him win the prizes. There he was proud of them. He held the performance every night and his fans enjoy it. He always loves his fans. Usually, he went outside and take photographs with people. He always did as a respected person. Because people love to AGT.

This magician and his family members always find new magic. His wife and sons help with it. Dustin lost his wife and son’s photos on social media for his enjoyment.

Dustin Tavella Social media

Dusti is one of the best users of social media. He has the best skill in magic and singing. This singer release songs and R & B clips for their YouTube channel. He has his YouTube channel called “D Plus.” This YouTube channel has 28.6k subscribers and 6 million views.  Also, he is active in social media and he has 18k Facebook followers.   

Dustin and his family members take photographs and he uploads them. Also, he is use Instagram and it has 10.9k followers. However, he has also been on Twitter since 2010 and it has 5394 followers.  Therefore he can reach his fans.

Dustin Tavella’s net worth

Dustin Tavella is a professional singer and magician. He can earn money from his songs and album. also, his YouTube channel is an income source for him. His net worth is expected to be around $600000 in 2022.


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