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What Choice Have You Got If You Lost The Job During The Pandemic? This Guy Has Had A Plan It Seems.

The job reduction has been a major concern after the ill-looking economy in most of the countries. Unless you have a backup plan, you will have to take the heat for sure.

“I was a content creator for a company. What I did was to create image content for the company. Other than that, I had to do the drawings for the same company. The pandemic was a disaster to me as it cost me my job which could make my living” says the person who lost the content creating job, Kelly Hudson, a Californian resident.

Kelly had been looking for a job in the last whole year, which still made her a loser. Since the world had got lots of things to consider, a content creator vacancy had not been emptied in most of the firms. Besides, the online working had made things worse for the regular workers as freelancers could be hired for a less price.

“We had to relocate as my husband could find new work place in Washington. I didn’t know what to do with a child in a new place no one is known to me except my husband”

Then she has referred to her previous interest to make some living.

“I went back to my art origin that made me a professional in earlier days but which I didn’t use for the living. What I posted at the beginning were doodles through @sequoiakelley. I got lots of positive feedbacks as people had found me a talented doodle creator. To be honest, I didn’t have the passion to make an income. All I wanted was a break. I got it more than I wanted.”

“Then I moved onto water color illustrations which made me a skilled artist in my childhood. To my surprise, people started loving them too. Since then, I felt like I had just started to feel the freedom of the Pandemic. When all others started to enjoy the pandemic at their homes, I had to move with my husband to make a living. At least, now I can rest with my job”

When considering the work Hudson has done, she has drawn some amazing picturesque streets. The illustrations she has drawn are perfect. Magistrate, Desert Sun Rising, Joona Og Valen, Make A wish, Neighbors, I heard Amazon Is Hiring, and 1814 are a few of her amazing work.

“Now I feel I’m financially strong. That is due to my pure skills and people’s persuasion. I expect to expand my art work into other media. I get orders and do my duty. An artwork gallery will be what I would do next perhaps,” said Hudson.  



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