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Unbelievable Reaction of The First Bathed baby Elephant, Baby Chaba

The world’s Asian elephant population is declining. At present it has reduced to a maximum of 40,000. A lot of these are now in zoos, religious shrines and establishments related to the tourism industry. Unfortunately, these animals have to spend their lives in the dust. And they have to live up to the expectations of their guardians. This sad situation is now seen in many countries.

Chiang Mai, Thailand is another one of these. Here, elephants are used for various shows and rides. But with the spread of the global pandemic, the tourism industry collapsed. Therefore, these elephants had to live in their cages for a long time. Therefore, their freedom was further restricted. In this article, we will tell you a baby elephant. She was rescued by the Save Elephant Foundation.

More info & Photo courtesy: Save Elephant Foundation | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube


Image Credit: SEF

They met this baby Chaba and his mother when they were in very poor health. Then Chaba was 4 months Old. His mother was taken away from her all day and taken to perform in front of the public. They lived with very little nutritional requirements and without living facilities. They were rescued by the SEF and released to the Elephant Nature Park.


Image Credit: SEF

The mother and daughter did not want to get into the vehicle, so they walked for 2 hours to the park. But just entering it, they were very happy to find a free place. The staff here welcomed the elephants with a bath and a cake. In the following photos published by SEF, baby Chaba can be seen playing and taking bath while her mother is relaxing.


Image Credit: SEF

These pictures will show you how happy this baby Chaba is enjoying freedom. They are now living away from that miserable life. You can also go down and see what those photos are and share them with others. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us through our comment section.






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