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Twenty-six photographs from my “Invisible Jumpers” series were knitted over five years and thousands of hours.

Photographer Joseph Ford and “camouflage” knitting expert Nina Dodd have spent little time developing bespoke sweaters (for people, animals, and even bananas) that fit in perfectly with their environments, which range from bus seats to bushes, carpets to coasts.

According to Ford, he appreciates the challenge of locating graphic locations, selecting models who will look good in them, and then collaborating with Nina’s knitting skills to merge them as naturally as possible. Ford added, “I love the challenge of finding visual locales. I spent several days or weeks planning and conducting research for these pictures. For each of them, Nina knitted for several weeks, sometimes even months.

You may now enjoy this entertaining series in a new book published by one of our favourite independent publishers, Hoxton Mini Press. In addition to images showcasing 25 knitted items, behind-the-scenes shots and tales, and renowned author and gallerist Laura Noble wrote an introduction, the book also contains the following: One more thing to add to the wish list for Christmas presents; dare we say it?

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#1 Tom And Dre, 2019

#2 Mady And Monette Malroux, 2015

#3 Jimmy, 2014

#4 Rumi And Scarlet, 2019

#5 Monsieur Chat, 2017

#6 Venus, 2015

#7 Calum, 2017

#8 Lo, Beachy Head, 2018

#9 Malik, 2016

#10 Chris, 2019

#11 Fruit Fraud, 2019

#12 Fimber Bravo, 2018

#13 Cherry Blossom

#14 Knitting Track

#15 Black Phoenix, 2019

#16 Kate, 2019

#17 Nina, 2018

#18 Stilts

#19 Buddy And Taboushka, 2018

#20 Fatboy Slim, 2018

#21 This Side Up

#22 Popay, 2019

#23 Knit Teapot

#24 Seth Globepainter, 2019

#25 Rock Pools

#26 Rock Pools



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