Syria’s largest city has been wracked by war since 2012 as opposing forces battle for control of the city. Aleppo has been ravaged by war, violence, and destruction since that time. Residents of the city who were fleeing for a better life were forced to abandon their beloved pets, who were left behind as a result of their haste.

These poor animals, on the other hand, are unable to care for themselves on the dangerous streets when separated from their owners. As a result, a kind man named Mohammad Alaa Aljalee offered to stay in the city in order to protect the helpless animals.

Alaa began by caring for a small group of 20-30 cats, and a year later, he has grown to include over 170 cats and even dogs under his care. Il Gattaro d’Aleppo is a sanctuary he established to provide a home for all of the gypsies in the area. Since then, desperate families have begun entrusting their pets to Alaa before fleeing the country in the hope that they will be cared for properly.

Alaa shared a heartwarming story about a young girl who wept as she handed him her furry friend for the first time. Her parents made the decision to leave the country and were unable to bring the cat with them. She pleaded with Alaa to send her photos of her cats until they returned, and he obliged her request. He sends her pictures of her beloved cat on a regular basis. “Please promise to return my cat to me when we return,” the young girl pleaded, according to Alaa, who responded with a smile.

Even though his friends have left the country, he is not alone because these cats have become his newfound companions. “I’m going to stay with them no matter what happens,” he stated. “A person who has mercy in their heart for people also has mercy for all other living things,” says the author.

Alaa has earned the nickname “the cat man of Aleppo.” Non-human animals have benefitted from Alaa’s care and nurturing. Still, he also regularly rescues people who have been affected by the war. This man is now a regular part of Aleppo’s daily life, and he is regarded as the city’s hero. He is deserving of a medal for everything he has accomplished.


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