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This Street Artist Makes 3D Paintings of Abandoned Locations, and the End Product Is Amazing

We all have our own interpretations of what art entails. And the truth is that street art can leave a lot to be desired, as evidenced by the scribbles and scratches that the homeless and unemployed frequently leave on city walls.

However, when we come across something truly worthwhile, we should admire and praise it, because street art can be incredibly extraordinary, especially when the artist is as talented as the one we’ll show you today.

This is  Braga Last1, a street artist from France who can create amazing things with his hands. And all it took was a can of paint. Well, it appears that this wonderful artist is left with talent, as he manages to create works of art that are truly exceptional. Actually, his real name is Tom Bragado Blanco, and he has stated that he has loved painting since he was a child and has painted constantly.


Take a look at how it evolved from an abandoned gas tank to a sphinx cat that is now part of the landscape.


The effect you made with an ordinary corner is simply phenomenal, isn’t it?


That bird looks like it’s going to fly off at any moment.


The way he plays with shadows and creates three-dimensional objects is truly amazing.


A hand that goes out to discover an extraordinary world full of colours.


The effects in his paintings are great and he poses very proud of all his extraordinary creation.


This is how this goes from being an abandoned space to being something completely new and full of artistic energy.


This guy’s hand looks like it’s coming out of the wall to give you his autograph.


The most interesting thing about his paintings are the details that he gives to each part of what he does.


Of course, the creative process is quite complicated and requires a lot of concentration and effort.



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