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HomeDesignThis online group has 30 hilarious and horrifying home designs.

This online group has 30 hilarious and horrifying home designs.

So you’ve finally bought your first home – congrats! Now comes the exciting part: buying a bunch of furniture and scattering it across your freshly purchased home, a process known as interior design. Let me also offer you some advice: leave it to the specialists. Otherwise, you can land up on the r/s****y housing subreddit with your home-decorating attempt.

Users on this subreddit are uploading photos of the worst home design ideas they’ve come across, and they’ll make you question if the designers were under the influence of something when they came up with these abominations. Check out some of the most bizarre home plans shared in this online community below, from hair stairs to martini baths! If you want to learn more, check out our previous articles here and here!

#1 This Is Abysmal

Image source: I_Am_None_Ya

#2 Does This Count?

Image source: Zombait

#3 My Eyes Hurt

Image source: hardlowcore

#4 Hmmm

Image source: Fck_your_dolphin_Pam

#5 This Is A Terrible Idea

Image source: I_Am_None_Ya

#6 2nd Floor Jacuzzi Anyone?

Image source: I_Am_None_Ya

#7 “Congratulations On Your New Chandelier, Neighbor Below”

Image source: joopas_

#8 Pleather Cabinets

Image source: yolojolo

#9 This Weekend, We Were Looking At Houses In Baltimore And Came Across This Gem. There is no mirror in the middle, and the bathroom is completely symmetrical, allowing two people to use the toilet simultaneously.

Image source: msheets75

#10 You’ll Want To Keep This Toilet Clean

Image source: I_Am_None_Ya

#11 This Monstrosity

Image source: briezzzy

#12 Interesting Staircase Solution For Narrow Houses

Image source: NefastusVII

Welcome to Brazilian engineering. Rules: There are no rules.

#13 This Carpeted Bathroom

Image source: BlueRhinos

#14 This Apartment Design

Image source: frank_-_horrigan

#15 Who Needs A Separate Bathroom Anyways

Image source: tommy116165

#16 Think This Belongs Here

Image source: xMPIx

#17 The Microwave Was Hung By The Landlord, And This Is How Far It Opens Before Hitting The Wall

Image source: peugeotdriver

#18 Load Bearing Glass

Image source: SkyeAuroline

#19 Step Out Of A Bathtub Down A Flight Of Stairs, Anyone?

Image source:

#20 As You Defecate, You Can Watch Over Your Domain

Image source: hardlowcore

#21 Effective Multitasking Space

Image source: SkyeAuroline

#22 Martini Bathtub In A Living Room

Image source: fussandfeathers

#23 At Least The Sinks Are Okay

Image source: Aaod

#24 Wait, You Wanted The Water Taps *inside* The Shower?

Image source: hwhouston517

#25 The Toilet Is Diagonal And Partially Installed Into The Carpeted Wall In My Friend’s Under-The-Stairs “Bathroom”

Image source: particlegun

#26 Textured Ceilings

Image source: frank_-_horrigan

#27 How Do You F Up Designing A Garage? Like This, Apparently

Image source: SkyeAuroline

#28 Horrible Fridge Placement

Image source: VeryGreedy

#29 There is only one closet. There are no stairs to get to it because it is 6 feet above the ground. Why

Image source: RussiannTaco

#30 Took Care Of The Bathroom Door!

Image source: frank_-_horrigan



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