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This Little Japanese Girl Is Best Friends With Her Pet Poodle

Riku is a huge poodle and Mame is a little Japanese girl. Mame’s grandma keeps track of their lovely connection on Instagram, where they have over 500K followers. Gaku and Qoo are the other two dogs, although Mame and Riku appear to be particularly inseparable. You can tell how much they adore one other in these photographs. 

Image Credit & More Info; instagram | H/T; boredpanda

#1. This is the epitome of friendship. 

#2. Let me begin by introducing them to you. It’s Mame and Riku here. 

#3. They’re Japanese, and they’re the greatest of pals. 

#4. Mame is a one-year-old little girl. 

#5. Riku is her enormous poodle. 

#6. Mame’s grandma is the one who posts pictures of their beautiful meetings on Instagram. 

#7. They also have over 80,000 followers on Twitter. 

#8. Gaku and Qoo are their other two canines. 

#9. And Mame and Riku appear to have formed an especially strong relationship and are virtually inseparable. 

#10. They are always together, no matter what they are doing. 

#11. They do everything together, whether it’s sleeping, playing, or reading. 

#12. The pair appears to spend very little time apart. 

#13. All we want for is that we were likewise blessed with such a friendship. 

#14. Here’s a fun fact for you. 

#15. The gigantic poodle, often known as the royal poodle, is not a distinct breed of poodle. 

#16. They’re merely gigantic poodles that grew up! 

#17. Some of them are above 60 pounds in weight (27kg). 

#18. More of their photographs may be seen on Instagram. 

#19. This is the extended family of theirs. 



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