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This couple has been adopting a bear for 23 years

Almost everyone has a pet at home to love and be loved by. But who would want to bring a BEAR into their home? Meet the Panteleenkos, a Russian couple. Svetlana and Yuriy have such a big heart that they found the bear as a cub 23 years ago and didn’t want it to be left alone for the hunters to find it.

The cub was around 3 months old when it was taken into the Panteleenkos’ care. The couple rescued, groomed, and nurtured the cub, as well as giving it a name. Stephan was given to the cub! After 23 years, the bear has matured into a large adult bear. But it still lives with Yuriy and Svetlana and hangs out with them. Check out these adorable photos of Stephan as a pet with two of his favorite humans, and let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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Stephan has grown into a fluffy, full-grown bear that weighs over 300 pounds and stands around 7 feet tall. For the Panteleenkos, however, it’s still the helpless little cub they discovered 23 years ago in the woods.




Stephan enjoys eating a lot of fish, eggs, and milk, consuming up to 25 kilograms of food per day. He also enjoys playing with his adoptive parents and posing for photographs! He has never been aggressive in his behavior. He enjoys cuddling up to his adoptive parents and watching TV with them!






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