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This Artist Turns Cats Into Giants, And The End Results Are Amazing (10+ New Photos)

Cats are a type of pet that almost everyone wishes they could have. You can fall in love with them because of their fluffy fur, bright glittering eyes, and sweetness. Cats are also incredibly self-assured creatures. They only do two things during the day: eat and sleep! 

By the way, have you ever pondered what ants think of people? You don’t have it! What if cats grow to be giants? I know it’s impossible, but it would be like this if we had to be Lilliputians for a day. Frandsita Muafidin used Photoshop to create these incredible modifications. The results are Meow! when you have an awesome way of looking at the world and your technology expertise works with your inner artist. 

I’m not moving! I’m going to take a nap, and I’m sorry if you have to leave. You’re welcome to wait until I wake up. 

Oh! Sir, may I polish your tower? 

You should’ve learnt how to deal with a mother by now! 

please, please, please This noise is unbearable! 

No way! It’s just a kitten paw, after all! 

This is a fantastic vista. Should be able to find a place to live from here… 



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