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These Movie Franchisees Should Have Been Stopped Earlier

It will be usual if the movie producer feels to create to movie after the success of the earlier version. Although it is just a financial decision for the producer and the film crew, fans or the audience gets it as a whole world. Even at present, we can see that the extended steps of the film franchises ruin the image of the earlier films that had a great impact on movie fans. According to the reviews and the comments, these films should have been stopped a bit earlier.

Home Alone

The small kid who ruined the party of the thieves was a great hilarious experience for the audience. “I think the second film was more hilarious than the first one. But, when coming to the third and the fourth installments of the movie, that was a total failure, to be honest. I can remember one of them was a television movie. According to me, either the movie name should have been changed or the script should have been better” That is one of the comments stated by a fan.

Boss baby

Although the latest Boss Baby film is released, the previous film had got a post-credit scene stating everything is fixed properly. But, due to the fame the first film could achieve, it seems the main characters are being sent to childhood once again.

The Fast And the Furious

“Although the film had got lots of happy endings, either the producer or the crew is not satisfied. That must by why some dead characters come into the franchise again. Hope, eh director will find more things to shoot after the 20th film” That is one of the angry fans.


One of the breathtaking scifys that has a longer history than others is the terminator franchise. The first and the second movies were great along with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s acting. When coming to the third and the fourth installments, the script seemed to have extended from the actual timeline. When coming to the fifth version, it was saying about a timeline that got stranded. Actually, what had stranded was the script. According to lots of fans, the Terminator franchise should have ended from its second timeline. Somehow, the producer has realized it after having the fifth installment of the franchise.


Not only the trilogy, but the aliens were sent through a Predator cross series due to the fame the film got. According to most of the fans, that should not have been done by the producer. An adult Alien fan said “After killing the last alien on the earth, every Alien fan went out of the film halls saying that we are safe. After passing couple of decades, I saw that my kids are at risk as aliens are back and they are out there. I don’t think, even after we go and kill those aliens, they will be sent by the producer once again.”


The multiverse and having different timelines is the great excuse the Marvel has made. But, according to realistic plans, all other film after the genuine trilogy has been a lie. “I have started hating lately came Spiderman. I don’t know why. Probably, Marvel is responsible for that,” says a diehard Spiderman fan.


“I will find you and I will kill you” remember those lines from the famous trilogy. According to most of the fans, the film could have been need after the very happy ending of the first film when the family reunion seemed to be okay with a spark. Unfortunately, it came with the second and the third films with new scripts. Not only the chasing but the revenge was also a part of eth film which ruined the total feeling.




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