There are people everywhere in this world who think differently. Also, among the lazy teachers who think in the old way, there are also teachers who think in a new way and try to give knowledge to the children by doing new works. This article is about such a teacher. This teacher tries to give his 100% for his students. Her name is Verónica Duke. She is now 43 years old. One day she decided to teach anatomy in a different way to the 3rd year children who would learn from her. She used a wonderful method for it. She went to the class wearing a set of clothes that mapped the entire human body and taught the students anatomy. 

She said to Board Panda “I have been teaching for 15 years. I teach Natural and Social Science, Art as well as English and Spanish”. “When I using the internet, once I saw an ad on Ali Express. It was about the swimsuit. Knowing that it is difficult for children of this age to think and remember about the internal organs, I thought why not try this way. Also I thought it would be something valuable for students. She must be thinking and searching for different things to teach the children in a new way. It is give them a better understanding.

This teacher started to become popular when her husband released a photo of her in this different outfit on twitter. That tweet got more than 70k likes and 14k comments. These tweets made her a symbol of creativity and dedication. She continues to work on different creations.

Once she said that “ Some time ago I decided to use disguise to teach History”. “I also used cardboard crowns to teach my students about grammar. Among them there were things like nouns, adjectives etc. They can also called as different types of grammar kingdoms”.

“Today’s society calls teachers lazy civil servants. But we are definitely not like that”. 

Her husband is proud of her bold and creative ideas.

Some internet critics who saw Verónica with her new outfit compare her to Slim Goodbody. Slim Goodbody is a costumed character. He was created by John Burstein. Also, he has been championing children’s health for over 40 years. Now millions of children are watching he through Discovery Education channel. His live shows are shown in tour theaters in the US. They reach thousands of children all over the world. His work has been honored with awards from Parent’s Choice, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, and the World Health Organization.


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