People like to have a lot of cute animals. Among them are usually people like cats and dogs. But some people who thinks differently make snakes as pets and very rarely even wolves like Kira. In this letter, we are going to tell about the wolf called Kira, which is rarely raised in a house like this. When Kira was 3 days old, her mother left her. Then she was a black and white baby. This little baby was in a big crisis to live alone. When she is in trouble, she meets her rescuer, Alida.

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Image credits: she.s.a.wolf

Alida is giving this baby a second chance to live. She adopted this puppy herself and trained her like a dog.

Image credits: she.s.a.wolf

It is very easy to train dogs and cats as household animals. But wolves are not domesticated animals, so it is difficult to train them like other animals. You have to make a special effort for that.

People around Kira and the things are new and different, so Alida had put in extra effort to take care of the little one. Alida socialize this little Kira to the best of her ability. For that, she took this Kira to meet the children with the adults and other animals.

After a lot of training on domestication, Kira does not hurt anyone now. “Even though Kira’s mother lives with a family, that family has not able to take care of her. Because of that, she ended up in a nursery. That’s when Kira was found”.

“If Kira was sent to the forest, the chances of her dying increased because she didn’t know how to hunt. She was in the nursery early in her life because her mother abandoned her”.

“If Kira was sent to the forest, the chances of her dying increased because she didn’t know how to hunt. She was in the nursery early in her life because her mother abandoned her”.

“We both walked to many places. Because then she can recognize different smells and sounds. Wolves have an innate neophobia. They are afraid of new things. Training her was a very tiring and long task. However, it was necessary for Kira to live with us in this urban environment”.

Alida took her out of this nursery when she was 28 days old. After that Alida started feeding her, teaching her and keeping her home.

“I brought her to my home when she was 28 days old. She is intelligent but very stubborn. When she goes to make decision, she thinks of herself first. I had to socialize her from the beginning. For that I had to meet her many dogs, cats and children”.

Her inborn traits became a big problem for her. But when she got older, that trait disappeared and she started become normal. She is not going to react angrily like other dogs. Not only that, she takes care of the children. If the children are afraid of her, she will not force or trouble them.

Alida took Kira on a many adventure things to make sure that she is fit to modern world.

“On the street, many people react with surprise and to take photos. Some people take it for granted. Also, they asked ‘Is it dangerous to have a wolf at home, especially when there is a child at home? ’ Because I have a 7 years-old son.”

Apart from Alida, Kira is now hard to distinguish from other dogs. Kira is now like the other dogs. She is now complete domestic animal, She is now living happily with her family and a 7 years–old human sibling.

“In real life, people react normally, because Kira is very friendly and doesn’t scare people. But on the internet, some people are angry and stupid. They write different things about us, especially after the series of documentary program that were made about us. I had mentioned a lot of people, that she behave crazy and keeps a predatory animal in the house”.

If you follow Alida on Instagram she.s.a.wolf  you can know many details about Kira. Also, wolf photography turns out to be very interesting. Go down and check it out.


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