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The Penguin Who Traveled 8000 km To Brazil To Meet His Friend

You have seen friendships but this very attractive friendship is unique. Because these two friends are not of the same type. Joao Pereira De Souza is a fisherman. He is 71 years old. One day at a time, he sees a little penguin drowning in oil. He saved this penguin. Then it was taken to his village in Brazil and started to take care of him until it got better. It was given a name called Dindim.

He stayed with Joao for about 11 months until Dindim recovered. Joao took care of him until his new feathers grew back. After that, as soon as he could swim, he swam away. This old fisherman thought that Dindim would never come to see him again. But the penguin, who knew these qualities, came back to see his friend in June. Dindim now continues to swim Brazil every June to meet his friend. After coming it spends time with Joao for about a month and then goes back. You can see the wonderful friendship of these two in the photo below. Comment your thoughts about this friendship if you like.

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Ever since they found out that the closest colony to them is the Coasts of Argentina, people have been thinking that Dindim spends his time there. This Dindim has something special. Even if it comes back, it won’t let anyone touch him. Only his friend Joao can do it. Only this old fisherman is allowed to take him here and there, feed him and bathe him.

At the end of his life, Joao found a best friend for the rest of his life. Not only that, this friendship is a friendship that sinks to the bottom of the heart. It’s not only for those two but also for us who are watching.








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