If we are a millionaire, we can imagine spending our money on cars, beautiful houses, and so on. But a millionaire decided to be incredibly selfless instead of using his luck to save the lives of thousands of dogs.

Wang Yan became a millionaire by trading in steel in Changchun, China. But all the money in the world can not replace his beloved dog, who suddenly disappeared many years ago.

The city has many street dogs, and many of these dogs are captured, butchered, and sold in the terrible dog meat business.

Unfortunately, Wang Yan did not find his dog in this horrible place. But the scene he witnessed there changed his life.

He knew he had to do something – and found a fantastic way to help the dogs: he bought the butcher shop and turned it into a dog sanctuary!

According to Metro, he has spent substantial wealth on the project. He bought a butcher shop for $ 400,000, and even though he was in debt, the dormitory was funded out of his pocket. “I do not accept cash donations. I hope those with compassion can donate some items to help,” Yan told Metro.


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