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The Metaphysic, who showed their amazing AI abilities

There are so many contestants who have shown various skills on the AGT stage. Some of them have shown magic, sung songs, made laugh others, and done exceptional thing and that is what it means in AGT. But, could you believe someone told that a none-human thing can astonish others? You will never believe that sure. But, it has happened thanks to Metaphysic. The Metaphysic Is referred to an AI powered computer program that allows people to do astonishing thing. 

We will explain what they did, how far Metaphysic went on AGT, Metaphysic career, and more things you would want to know.

Who is Metaphysic?

Metaphysic is not a person but a company made by two people. The expectations of the company was to deliver something exceptional for the entertainment. Although the technique was much simple, making people do what they usually do, the entertainment given by the company was unique. 

That is how they could make Simon sing a song on AGT stage without making him sing. Although there are plenty of apps and strategies to make this happen, we all know there are plot holes beehive almost every one of them. But, when it comes to metaphysics, the production of error is zero.

The company Metaphysic was started by Tom Graham and Chris Ume. Tom is an Australian entrepreneur and Chris Ume is a Belgium entrepreneur. The product they made is made realized as “Hyper Real Content”. Simply you won’t be able to see what you see on the display they show you. Indeed, that is exactly what happened on AGT.

The presentation of the founders is not just this act but a whole new thing even people could not imagine. In eth future, people will be able to in the true copies of themselves who have the ability to self-think just like the duos could make a program that can follow someone else. As they are explaining the biometrics will be used in a more effective as well as a progressive way. What they have shown on AGT is just a trial.

Members Of Metaphysic Team

There were just four members in the Metaphysic act on AGT. Other than Chris and Daniel, there was Kevin, who is acting as a co-founder of the team. Also, he is Chris’s brother. All of them had been assigned a special job. Chris and Tom were the operators while Daniel Emmet, the world known singer had been tasked to sing the song. 

Simon and co could identify Dan was a part of the AGT 2018 as a contestant. Although there are Alexandre Carvalho, Beni Issembert, Jo Plate, Tomas Koutsky, and Simon Deckers as the other members, they did not take part in the AGT. Although it seems a project that was made within a couple of days, the act on AGT had been planned by the founders for 04 months. They had spent days to identify the special facial expression of Simon throughout the whole time. That is who they could astonish Simon along with the rest of the audience from their act.

What happened at Britain’s Got Talent?

Simon asked what they were about to present and three just gave them a blank stare at the beginning. The judges were amazed to see the three, Daniel, Chris and Kevin taking a big camera on to the stage. Since it was the first time someone did that, judges seemed to be clueless. Daniel was the singer and he just started to sing “You are the inspirational” song. That was when the audience understood what the display was for. Without Simon singing the song, the three made Simon sing the song. The audience then after got the idea what these three were up to. They had an AI that could imitate a person and apply it to the biometrics of another person. 

Not only the appearance, but the voice can be easily imitated using the AI used by Metaphysic. Also, whatever Daniel did was followed by Simon, making it the ultimate program the entire world sees as a perfection of the AI.

The Metaphysic showed the entire world that they had eh best way of delivering entertainment that could alter the biometrics of a person. Although the definition can be changed in alternate ways such as breaking the privacy, causing biometric issues, or even legal issues, what the Metaphysic had done was to use the technology for the entertainment purposes. 

The judges had the same thoughts obviously. Simon was the person who got astonished as well as amazed in the most brilliant way. He seemed scared, surprised, and happy in the end. “This must be the perfect app or the program people would see for the first time. I thought it was me myself on the display for a second,” said Simon. All other judges had the same thought and the Metaphysic was sent into the next round.

Metaphysic in Finals

In the last act before the finals, Metaphysic performed an act based on medley of Elvis Presley’s “Hound Dog” and “You’re the Devil in Disguise,” . According to comments of AGT video, it was a sudden change of the genre as well. What metaphysic did was to use Heidi Klum and Vergara as singers. Although Heidi is already a singer with her debut singing this ear, we could never see Vergara doing a professional singing. So this act was crucial as the ladies were used on this time as well. Metaphysic could reach the finals as one of the best 10 contestants.

“You did some thin more innovative than it was in last times. We can see you guys have lots of thing to surprise and you are doing it in every time you perform. I hope you will go to best distance you can” Simon gave them comments.  

In eh finals, Metaphysics got the attention of 06 million people as it was about the AGT final. In the final, the three founders of Metaphysics came up with a new plan, showing the three male judges of AGT as the singers. They were, Terry, Howie and of course Simon. It seemed that Terry was the person who got excited the most and the judges gave them good comments as well. However, Metaphysics had not been able to get what they had been planning for. On the 

Wednesday last week, it was announced that Mayyas as the winner of AGT 2022.

Although Metaphysic had not been able to win the AGT, they obviously won the hearts of millions all over the world. When having a look at their social media accounts, we can say that they have got what they were asking for, increasing the number of customers.

Metaphysic Career

Metaphysic was founded by the two earliest members, Chris and Tom. The two founders had the need of making a company that clients can be served virtually. Obviously they understood that people may have difficulties due to privacy issue and the pandemic. Therefore, what they created was a virtual company that could facilitate online services. 

The most important thing was Chris and Tom had just two times prior to AGT. The two founders have a good understanding about the company and they needed a partner to expand their financial strengths. That is how the co-founder, Chris’s brother got into this.

It has just passed  a couple of months of the company and the limits have been crossed already making Metaphysic to be the best AI based biometric altering company. They have several solutions to people and they have been able to take the company into million people using their website. The website states that AI Biometric Altering will be the next thing and the application will be unique in shape as well as sounding. 

The website convinces people that the Metaphysic is not just an AI tool that can imitate someone’s shape but a more advanced technology that doing more creative stuff. Advertisements, privacy enhancements, security solutions, and there is a vast range of services they serve. The Metaphysic website has mentioned couple of clients, Gillett and P&G in their website who has got their services as well.  

Social media

Metaphysic is available on Facebook Instagram, and Twitter. The company has almost 10k followers on Instagram and the most important thing is they have just posted 21 content for this. It is clear that the company has got a better image in the internet and the followers really like to see what they are off to. However, the Metaphysic Company doesn’t have much more likes on Facebook as only 400+ people have liked their page. Metaphysics has 4000+ followers on Twitter as well. 

We can see that the company has increased receiving followers after the AGT Finale night.

When it comes to their official website that has been the only available media to know about the company. Metaphysic’s official website is giving about their latest innovations, upcoming events, and their mission and vision.

The Metaphysic Company has now moved to YouTube as well. We can see that the company has commenced on their youtube channel after their presence on AGT sage. Although they have added just three videos, the channel has got 3.5k subscribers showing the potential the company has got.

Metaphysic net worth

Metaphysic net worth can be mentioned as $2.75 million. They have been in the business since 2019 and they have used their AI selling as the main income generating method. Other than that, the consultation, App designing, and the marketing strategies have been their other revenue ways. If they could win the AGT title this year, they would have reached the $5 Million net worth at the end of her to the AGT winning 1 Million USD. However, the world knows them. We will let you know once they reach a margin with their net worth.


  • Where is Metaphysic from?
  • Metaphysic is an English company located in the United Kingdom. Although the founders are from Belgium and Australia, the Business has been registered in UK. Also, they traveled to the UK only to take part in AGT this time.
  • Did Metaphysic win AGT 2022?
  • No, they did not win the AGT 2022. It was won by Mayyas, the Lebanese dancing team.
  • How much is Metaphysic Net worth?
  • Metaphysic net worth is $2.75 million.
  • Who are the metaphysic’s founders?
  • The Metaphysic’s founders are Tom, Chris, and Kevin.

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