Delivering a Capella experience to someone in the GAT is not a common thing to happen. When recalling the recent performances on AGT, no one has done that. That is why The Maytree could get the fame from the very beginning. This article will explain the Maytree, from where they are, their career, Social media, members, and some questions you would like to get answered.

The Maytree is counted as a Capella group originated from Korea. Precisely, they are from South Korea, one of the greatest counties in the world the music has been nourished in several ways. 

The latest product from the country is not just a Capella group but a team that mimics digital a sound effects. For example, if you want to hear what it will oak like to be a Nokia ringtone created by people, The Maytree will do that. They stepped onto NBC’s AGT and did an astonishing performance on the stage as well.

Who are the Maytree members?

There are various sound effects in the world and it is not a secret to state that most of them have a digital origin. More importantly, phones, computers, and various house alliances require to have a digital sound to indicate the progress of the digital world. But, how if a man or a team is capable of completing those sound through their voices. Of course, there have been numerous people. But, The Maytree is special among them as they can complete a whole song using their voices. 

The team consists of five members who are contributing to the team in various styles. The members of the team are Jang Sang-in, Kang Soo-Kyung, Kwon Young-hoon, Kim Won-jong, and Lim Soo-Yeon. Who are South Koreans.

The members are from all over Korea. Kim Won-jong, and Lim Soo-Yeon are from Busan, one of the most popular Korean Towns that has produced musicians to the world. All of them have been brought together for a common purpose by the music and they are doing that pretty nicely. But, you must know that the music is not their profession but they have a set of skills related to various professions.

Sang In

Sang In is graduated in Chemistry. He has worked in a few Academicals Institutes in Korea and has joined the team from the very beginning. Even before he became a graduate, Sang has been into voice digital sounding. At present, Sang is working in a University. But, he has not revealed where. When it comes to Lim Soo-Yeon, he is an architecture in the profession. He is graduated at the age of 23 and has been working in the music industry since then. 

Although SI’s social media and internet sources state that he loves Architecture, music has been in his entire life. Wonjong is a computer engineer in profession. He is one of the founding members who assisted the founder, Kim-Wong Jong as well. Wonjong has mentioned that he had never got to do a job to his Computer Engineering career due to his work. Also, he has insisted that he is happy he never gave up music.

Kim Won-jong

Kim Won-jong has been the key member in the team along with his long-running career. He has seen every member joining the MayTree and he is the oldest member along with the highest experience.

Lim-Soo Yen

Lim-Soo Yen is the newly recruited member to the Maytree and he joined the team in 2016. He is the Soprano and the Table holder for the team which means he doesn’t have to do much. But, we can see that he is capable of decorating digital sounds as much as the other members. His social media account and YouTube videos suggest that.

Maytree founder

Maytree was formed in 1999 and the honor goes to Gigahitz. It was a part of a large music group and then it had to be maintained separately. As SI, the Founder of the team ha mentioned on the AGT stage, his previous team had fired him. Therefore, he wanted to bring something more effective and Maytree was where he had stopped in the end. More importantly, If there was not Gigahitz, SI would not be on AGT as a star.

The number of members had changed from time to time as the professionalism had not been in there. According to some old records of the team, some members had resigned and joined other professions. When it comes to the number of members at the beginning, there have been 06 including SI. 

The earliest members of the team were Jang Sang-in and Choi Hong-Seok who released a few albums to their audience. Due to a personal reason, Choi Hong-Seok had to leave Maytree and it was SI who stayed as the leader. When having a look at his decisions, he was the pioneer to change the Music Group’s way of travelling. Although Maytree had performed on live stages, SI wanted them to focus on a closed environment. As a result of that, the Digital Sound effect production was started as well.

Jang Sang-in made up his name as S.I. due to its pronunciation. According to his friends, SI was not a part of his nicknames before 1999 as well. He is a person with a lot of realizations. 

SI sees the entire world as a music instrument which means another instrument can produce a sound that is produced by a specific instrument. The human voice is the best thing he sees as well. “I think the human mouth is capable of producing any music or a sound. Although it is about Windows shutting sod in real or digitally, we can do that. I want Maytree to follow my vision, which is the unique way.” said SI in a television program. His ambition is a specific cone and that is why he became a musician instead of a chemistry teacher.

What happened at America’s Got Talent auditions?

There have been various professionals in the AGT show. Magicians have astonished the audience, singers have entertained the audience, and different acts have made the AGT a special one. It was Maytree that brought the real change into this stage as no one had done that before like they did. 

Even after SI introduced the team as a Capella, the judges did not even acre as they seemed to have seen the team a typical one with regular ideas. SI introduced him as a regular singer who was dumped by the previous music group. Then Simon asked if he wanted to show the team that it was a bad choice. SI replied yes and then it began.

A member was holding the tablet which showed the title of the series the music was playing. It was Simpson’s title that played and the team did a great job with the mimic. Next came the Modern Family theme song and it was that moment when the judges realized what these guys were actually upto as well. The Maytree team started to sing and the judges and the audience enjoyed that together. All of the appreciated what the Maytree team just did.

Heidi said that it was the best moment in her life as the team just did a great job. Also, she appreciated being so special and not disappointing her. “You did an amazing job. I think you all are talented and deserve a better position in this show. When it comes to Simon Cowell’s comments, “I like to get surprised and you guys did that well. People will remember this and they will let you have a bet place I this contest” suggested that the Maytree would get a better place.


Maytree has released a few albums and singles as their major outcomes in the beginning. After SI taking the control of the team, he mainly targeted the digital audience who are watching and listening to the team online. That is why they have not released any commercial level albums after 2006 May Tree, 2015 Maytree in love, and Back to Me. They are frequently updating their Youtube Channel and you will find their updates from the social media that is how Maytree is keeping their career.

Maytree net worth

Maytree’s net worth is $550,000. There are a few ways to have this massive income to them such as the Youtubing, influencing, albums, and branding. The Youtubing has been the best income generated method for Maytree and they have got more than 75% of their income from Youtubing. The team has got 247 million views on YouTube and that means a lot. If they win the AGT this year, their net worth will exceed 1M USD milestone as well.오리지널-사운드-Maytree-메이트리-7107584567468493569?

Social media

YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Tik tok are the main platforms Maytree has chosen to be popular. youtube has been the most preferred platform for Maytree along with 4.84M subscribers. When having a look at their stats, Maytree has searched 200Milliosn of views for their videos. The Maytree team will reach the 300M views on this year along with the fame they have got from AGT. Maytree has got 11M Followers and 131M Likes on Tik tok and their hashtags have become viral unlike in any day as well.

S.I. has created a few accounts for the Maytree team and other members also have created their personal accounts. The contacts and other necessary information are displayed by all of them. They accept stage acts, and various shows through social media. Maytree owns a website which is conducted to share various information. Law, entertainment, life style, show updates, affiliate links and various mattes are included in the website. It is clear that the Maytree team’s member’s academic knowledge is shared through the website.


  • Where is Capella group Maytree located?

The Maytree, Capella group Maytree is located in South Korea. All of its members are also from South Korea.

  • Who is the Leader of Maytree?

Jang Sang-in is the leader of the Maytree team who is nicknamed as SI. .  

  • Which country is Maytree?

They are from South Korea. They are taking part in the AGT competition and they will .

  • How old is Maytree?

Maytree music team is 23 years old as it was established in 1999.


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