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The Japanese Flying Squirrel Is Possibly One Of The World’s Cutest Animals.

Have you ever seen these cute little furry animals? Because of the hairy membrane (patagium) between the front and rear legs, these are known as Japanese flying squirrels, a small animal capable of moving from branch to branch. While these magnificent creatures cannot fly, they can float for up to 100 meters. These exceptional abilities enable them to avoid predators and reach other trees with reasonable ease. 

#1. These beautiful flying squirrels may be found from the Baltic to the Pacific coasts of Japan and Europe, and are classified as Old World flying squirrels. They don’t hibernate in the winter, although they do nap for a few of days on occasion.  (Image Credit: escapemagazin)

#2. Flying squirrels do not fly, but instead glide between their forelegs and back legs thanks to a fuzzy membrane called a patagium. Squirrels have used this membrane to glide over 100 meters to avoid a predator or just to reach another tree!  (Image Credit: bewitchingworld)

#3. These creatures are attractive because of their silky hair and little stature. I’d gladly pay money to see this squirrel.  (Image Credit: masatsugu.ohashi)

#4. This adorable squirrel is perched on a snow-covered tree. I’d let it sleep in my bed until the cold season was gone.  (Image Credit: sovietchild)

#5. Look at how this squirrel’s beautiful little eyes and limbs look at the camera lens.  

(Image Credit: Popshiretoko360)

#6. This squirrel is, without a doubt, the cutest creature on the planet.  (Image Credit: maqaroon)

There are extremely few photographs of this squirrel species. Take a look at this video showing them in action. Ps: The photographer who took the shot deserves credit. None of these images belong to us. Please contact us in any way you see fit. Thanks



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