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The Ear Muffs the Calves Wear for the Winter Make them Look Adorable.

The winter is a beautiful time for having fun and celebrations and a warm and comfortable time throughout the winter holidays. On the other hand, it is cold and chilly, and you will have a rather difficult time getting-out of bed due to the weather. The cold of winter makes life difficult for animals, just as it does for people. Just as the winter weather makes life difficult for humans, it also makes life difficult for animals.

It can get very chilly outside, especially considering that not every animal has the opportunity to stay inside our warm houses. They are especially considering that. And just as they do so in advance for every other season, farmers also prepare for winter. In the winter, baby cows are provided with their own ear-muffs to wear, a detail that the vast-majority of people are unaware of. The reason is that baby cows are still too immature to withstand the bitter cold of winter, and as a result, they are more prone to contracting a cold-related illness. Therefore, farmers cover their ears with knitted muffs, and they have a charming appearance. A user on Twitter by-the-name of Rob N Roll recently came across some baby calves that were wearing gorgeous ear muffs and decided that he should “tweet” this out. And it became-a-significant part of the website’s appeal. Scroll down to see more information about this.

More info & Photo courtesy: Twitter


Cow Ear MuffsPhoto Credit: Twitter

This tweet has been retweeted more than 50,000 times and received more likes. This custom, which involves covering the ears of newborn cows, has been frequently practiced, even though the general public was unaware of it. As more and more people came together, they began to talk about how and why this is a standard procedure in the animal husbandry industry as they shared the information.


Cow Ear MuffsPhoto Credit: Twitter

As more individuals came together, they learned of a company called Moo Muffs that makes ear muffs made of nylon and fleece that are both adorable and functional. The company produces these ear muffs.


Cow Ear MuffsPhoto Credit: Twitter



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