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The Dragonman History Is Back Once Again

Although it has passed quite a longer time for the dragonman, the latest news is coming about the same topic once again.  As you might already know, the ancient man had contained quite impressive characters. Although scientist had been able to discover them all, some of the missing plots are about to be discovered. Although scientists have the idea that the ancient evolution had only hidden just one segment from the man’s evolutions, the earth is exposing one after another in the action. The dragon-man mystery is one of those things the world should learn.

The Chinese scientist have been able to discover the skull of a brand new human species that had lived more than 146,000 years ago. According to the scientists, it is not the missing link of the human evolution either. Named as the dragonman, he is having more relations to the Neanderthals and Homo erectus than the present day humans. Chinese scientist and researchers have found proof for the latest discovery form Northern Areas where the similar species have been found similar to the dragon man. The dragon-man skull had been discovered in 1933 in Harbin. Although it has passed almost a century of time, the attention had just been grabbed more recently.

Prof Chris Stringer is among the researchers who are conducting a test regarding this matter. According to them, the exploration is a revolutionary one. Although this is not about the missing link or the segment, this one will be able to reveal lots of hidden facts in the human evolution process. When it comes to the most utmost fact, scientist will be able to uncover the pre-existed features of the mankind who had lived more than one and half hundred thousand years ago. According to the Prof Chris Stringer, scientists have not found anything imploring than this one in the last 50 years. Although preserved fossils have been found in the meantime, anything about the human evolution shad not been found by the explorers. “Among the hundreds of human fossils, this Dragonman will be the most critical one,” said Prof Chris Stringer.

Also, Prof Chris had mentioned that the latest discovery is not about a human skull that was supped to become the Homo sapiens who is the ancestor of the modern man. Professor thinks that the dragon-man was trying to become someone else according to the physiological characters.

Scientist agree with Prof Chris Stringer as the dragonman was just a part of a long evolved group of humans. They were not exactly what the modern mankind was looking for as a trace of the evolution. The researches have insisted that these proofs are capable of rewriting the human evolution from zero to the present day. When it comes to the giant man or the alien concept, they are too far. But, the development of the lineage will be able to reach far more advanced statements for sure.

Scientist have not named the specimen scientifically yet. But, they have assigned the Homo longi name to this one which states the long man. Since the skull is a lengthy one, they have thought of this name for sure.

Xijun Ni is one of the researchers who had a long term study regarding the dragon man. According to Xijun Ni, this is about a research that has based on the missing lineage. The professor has insisted this is the missing link of the human evolution. According to the professor Xijun Ni the found skull had belonged to an ancestor of ours whose life was a challenging one. The natural disasters, enemies, and the finding food like factors had made the human a differed one from other members in the evolution.

The skull found is a larger one than any other human being in the evolution. Scientists assume that is due to the lack of evolution process. They explain that the enlarged brain or the skull is not a factor to determine the intelligence of the animals. Although there are animals who have higher skull capacities or the brain sixes, they are not more intelligent. But,  Xijun Ni’s point f views is a different one. The professor compared the square eye sockets, thicker eye browses, brow ridges, and the widen mouth with other members and explain why the homo longi is one of the smartest members the modern man had. Although he had lived more than 146,000 years back, his environment must have been a challenging one as most of the animal species had almost developed their skills similar to the present date. Xijun Ni states that it is not the pre-historic age but the recent past. 

How he lived was not a debatable one. Because it was almost the present of the evolution, the ancient men dint have modern tools but the same challenges they had. Since the body was not recovered or found from the site, it is hard to judge the life he had in his time. But, he must not have used any kind of tools at that time for sure. Scientist assume that the Homo longi might have been having a built body which any of the modern man dint have. The best example is the wide and well-spread eyes that can cover almost 150+ degrees. 

The discovery has been made while a bridge construction is going on. 1933 was a time when Japan had conquered china, and the city was under control of the Japanese government. A Chinese worker had kept this unusual skull that had been preserved for thousand years at his home. He had to keep it a secret as Japanese were more concerning of these relics at the same time. Therefore he had hidden the skull in his well where it was kept a secret for more than 80 years. This situation had almost cost the entire discovery. If the science had been in this place while the discovery was going on, things could have differed a much. The Chinese worker told this story before his death, and the scientists made necessary tasks such as carbon calculating and the 3D generation of the skull for comparison. 

More thing will come into the debate soon as this is just the beginning. The missing link, aliens, and Denisovans, and more things are about to come into the theater in the near future. But, if the skull was either discovered at resent or the Chinese worker informed the authorities in 1933, things would have been more different than the present day. Because, more skulls, used tools, and secretes would have revealed.



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