This is both an extraordinarily tragic and heartwarming event all at the same time. Despite this, it is always heartening to learn that, in the end, the good in the world triumphs over evil. On the sixth of January in 2020, two close friends named Jane Harper and Joanne Bellamy made a frightening discovery in the vicinity of the river Trent in Farndon. A poor, elderly dog was submerged in water with a rock attached to its collar.

It had been thrown into the river to be drowned, and it was in a desperate struggle for survival when these two companions saw the dog and ran to its aid. They moved immediately to secure assistance for the unfortunate elderly German Sehppard, who was ten years old at the time.

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The dog’s health was deemed to be excellent by the vet after examination, thus she was given the name Bella. She was just ten years old when this thought crossed her mind. Bella was fortunate to find a family who vowed to love and care for her and welcomed her into their home with open-arms. Near the Radcliffe Animal Centre in Nottingham, where Bella sought safety after being mauled, resided a retired couple.

When Bella went into her “forever home,” her rescuers were there to bid her farewell. Regardless of how much bad there is in the world, it is always reassuring to know that something greater has the power to overcome it. Bella appreciates and enjoys both the gift of a second chance at life and the discovery of the location where she will spend the remainder of her life.








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