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The Bottle Message That Lasted More Than A Century

How longer do you keep an unread message in your inbox? Although lots of messaging apps have come to the present day communication, you might not feel a better app than the typical SMS app. When it come to the old times, there were astonishing ways to communicate as well as finding new friends. Although both things are not hard at present, having those things in the past might not be as enjoyable as now.

What would you feel if the reviewer didn’t open your message? That can be a sad moment for sure. When it comes to a message that had not been opened for almost a century of years that can have associated with an embracing incident. The news about that unopened letter comes from Michigan where a boat owner found a strange bottle. The strange bottle had contained a letter inside with the expectation of finding a stranger in the water.

The boat captain Jennifer Dowker saw a quick reflection in the water that made a weird scene to the eyes. First, she thought that the greenish colored reflection could have been caused by a Scuba diver who just needed the attention. After having a dive into the water, she realized that she had just found a green colored bottle. Surprisingly, the bottle was containing a message to the person who opened the battle.

Jennifer Dowker is the owner of the Nautical North Family adventures boat. It is being used by the owner for wrecking services as well as scuba diving lessons. Therefore, Jennifer Dowker is neither a visitor to the ocean nor the diving part. Since scuba diving lessons required a glass bottom to see the water properly, she could observe a quick reflection of something that came from the sea. What this reflection lead was to a bottle that contained a letter which is 95 years old till this day.

Dowker had spoken to media after this incident and told that she had been removing glass bottles as well as plastic garbage in the blue water. But, this is the first time she had encountered a bottle with a message. Surprisingly, one of her hobbies is to collect bottles in different sizes and colors. Therefore, having a dive into the ocean for her hobby is not a costly effort. More importantly, only her this habit could find a bottle with a message.

“To be honest, I first thought it was a Scuba diver. After getting closed to it, I realized that it was just a bottle. Since my hobby is to collect bottles, I didn’t mind not meeting a scuba diver at all as well,” said Jennifer Dowker.

When she found the bottle, she brought it to the baot where her diving partner was staying.  After observing the green bottle, they observed that it had filled with three forth of water. There had been a paper in the bottle. Since it is unusual to have a paper in a closed bottle, Jenifer had been more careful.  After seeing a pair in the bottle, she and her scuba diving partner had tried using a picker which could take the paper out of the bottle.

“After taking the paper out and reading, we were spending few of the hardest minutes we ever had. The note had been dated as November 1926, which was about 95 years back in the past,” said Jennifer. The message it had delivered was, “Will the person who finds this bottle, return this paper to George Morrow, Cheboygan, Michigan, and tell where it was found?”

The next big task was to find the sender as the Morrow was a common name in the area. She had the paper posted on social media and waited for a clue. She had been waiting for a couple of days and finally she had got what she wanted. A lady called, Michele Primeau had come in search of the letter and informed her that the sender, George Morrow was her father who died in 1995.

“It was an emotional moment for me and my there children. The lady who came to me showed me the writings of her father. So, I could figure out that George Morrow’s daughter is in front of me,” Jennifer said.

 Michele Primeau explained that her father had a strange habit of sending messages to the people using bottles. Although most of them went missing and no one found, the little Michele Primeau has not had an idea about these bottles. Because she was not in this world when her father did these things, it is fair to happen that.

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Boat captain on Michigan river finds message in a bottle from 1926



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