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The Best Place To Stay If You Want To Survive COVID-19. The World’s Most Isolated House

Who is it that lives alone in this strange house? And how do they go about purchasing necessities such as groceries and medicine?

There is a proverb that says, “No man is an island.” Some people, on the other hand, would prefer to live alone for the rest of their lives or for a period of time. This could be for a variety of reasons or for no apparent reason at all.

This house is ideal for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It’s the loneliest cottage on the planet, and it’s known as the best place to survive COVID-19 or any other pandemic because it’s located on Iceland’s southern coast.

The island of Elliðaey is part of The group of Islands Called Vestmannaeyjar

There’s Just One House in The Whole Island

And It is Considered As The “Loneliest House in The Earth”

In this small house in Elliaey, there is no electricity or other amenities. This house would be ideal for anyone interested in trying out a “off-the-grid” lifestyle. This is not only known as the “world’s most isolated home,” but it is also the best place to survive a Zombie Apocalypse.

There Were Many Crazy Stories About This House

When a house is completely cut off from the rest of the world, it raises many questions, such as who lives there all by themselves? How do they go grocery shopping and buy other necessities? Furthermore, after the photos of this house went viral, more questions were raised, and more bizarre stories began to circulate.

There is An Amusing Story About This Lovely House Which Goes Hundreds of Years Back

The house is said to have been occupied by a religious recluse, according to legend. While some claim that the cottage is home to a paranoid hermit trying to survive a zombie apocalypse, others claim that it was given to a shy billionaire by Bjork, an Icelandic singer.

Even though the rumors are false, there is some truth to the Bjork story. It’s because he reportedly owns a home on a different island in Iceland, which is also known as Elliaey. This island, however, is unique in that it is located on the west coast of the country.

Elliaey wasn’t always this secluded. Five families lived on this island before 300 years, in the 1700s. They did cattle breeding in addition to fishing and hunting. These families eventually left the island in the 1930s because the opportunities in a secluded society are limited compared to other places.

Who Lives Here?

In 1953, members of the Elliaey Hunting Association of Iceland built a cottage to provide shelter for hunters who needed to hunt puffins. The term’shelter’ refers to the fact that this lodge meets basic needs such as providing a roof and providing protection from the elements in a practical manner. Most importantly, there is no electricity, indoor plumbing, or internet in this house. Despite the fact that this home lacks many modern amenities, it does have a sauna.

This Isolated Home Serves As A Sanctuary For A Local Hunting Club

People may be confused as to how a sauna can function without water or electricity. The sauna, cooking, and drinking are all done with rainwater stored in the house. A fence around the cottage can also be seen, which adds to the strangeness of the scene.

Even Though The Cottage Looks Secluded The View is Amazing

Only hunting club members and their close friends are allowed to stay in this house. This means that when the hunting club members are not out hunting puffins, they come to this house for shelter and sauna.

Even if you don’t go inside, just seeing this strange house is enough. Driving by in a boat is the only way to get a glimpse of the house.



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