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The 41 Year Oldie Decided To Stop Covering Up Her Hair And Took An Embracing Decision

One of the reminders that you have for getting old is the hair. Number of white hair will tell you how old you are. Although you have got lots of solutions for whitening the hair, they are not fixed ones at all. We have a lady who found a great solution for the whitened hair. Miranda Parker, 41, had the same issues when she had white hair growing at an alarming rate. After trying lots of temporarily patches she ended up costing more than 21K USD for her white hair. Still she didn’t have a fine solution until she took an embracing decision for white hair, leaving them as they are.

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Image credits: mirandaparker

Miranda explained her matter, “My hair was turning to white when I was just 30 years of age. All my friends had black and shiny hair when they used to see mine white hair. I had to arrange frequent visits to saloons and it cost me badly. At the age of 38. I had to stop coloring my hair and saw what was about to happen next. Although it seemed a bit strange to have white hair, not it has become a usual thing to me and my loved ones either”.

Image credits: mirandaparker

“You won’t believe what I say nor the color dyeing companies like my story. You have to be careful with both what you get and lose along with a black dyed hair. Although you r friends see you as a lady with a younger age, you will have lots of lost thing as well. For example, the condition of the hair is a vital thing to consider. The more you use the dyeing, the more your hair will lose its natural look. The end result is to have a hair that requires more dyeing. I think there is a direct connection between the dyeing and the number of whitened hair as well” Miranda explained furthermore of the dyeing experience.

Image credits: mirandaparker

Miranda had stopped dyeing her hair at the age of 38. At the same time, she had calculated the expense she had to bear, which had been more than USD 21000 approximately. According to the Miranda’s point of view, it is not just about the color of the hair but the personality of the hair holder that matters when choosing either have a black or a white color hair. Although lots of people have allowed having white hair, Miranda is crucial as she is the only one to come forward and be proud of what she has got.

Image credits: mirandaparker
Image credits: mirandaparker

Miranda is a popular character in the social media as well. She has got more than 1 million subscribers on Instagram as well. Miranda says that she gets greets from all around the world regarding the choice she has got. Also, those people have stated that she is an inspiration for millions of people around the world. As Miranda sees things, not only women who have passed 40 but even the small children below 20 have these issues.

Image credits: mirandaparker

“If you intend to do something, you are going to receive more negative pulling comments than the positive ones. What you see now is not what I got at the earliest times. I was questioned by various women if I want to save my money. I said yes and that is my choice” Miranda reminds of her journey.

Image credits: mirandaparker

Although this is a fashion right now, you will be able to save lots of money leaving your hair in grey form. Based, it is a time saving thing. After looking for Miranda’s profile, it was clearly indicating that lots of people are waiting until their hair turns into grey color as well.

“It’s my hair, my color, and my choice and everyone in this world deserves a similar passion for their lives as well,” Miranda says.

Image credits: mirandaparker

If you intend to do what Miranda Parker has done, you will have lots of options as well. Leaving the hair in grey color is not only what Miranda has done, but adding embracing hairstyles. Straightening, layering, tieing ups and lots of clues will be found after referring her Instagram account. Of course, leaving a positive comment will be inspirational for her and those who intend to follow the trendy greay hair.



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