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The 20 Most Disgraceful Tattoos That Have Been Criticized On This Facebook Page

It should go without saying that one should use extreme caution before applying permanent ink to their skin. However, some tattoos can make you question the mental health of the person having the tattoo or the mental state of the tattoo artist.

There is a group on Facebook called “That’s It, I’m Inkshaming,” and its purpose is to make others laugh by ridiculing awful tattoos. Keep scrolling to view some of the most comical failed tattoo attempts ever.

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#1 Found On A Sketchy Sales Page Get Booked In Quick!

Image source: Stacey Webb

#2 Jesus Tapdancing Christ

Image source: Stewart Anderson

#3 The Lil Girl Looks Like A Tube Of Toothpaste

Image source: Naomi Searson

#4 Sooooo Much To Unpack Here

Image source: Jessica Snow

#5 Seen On Ig

Image source: Therese Enberg Thomes

#6 I Thought It Was Supposed To Be A Pile Of Wood Lmao

Image source: Angel Burgemeir

#7 I Was Told By The Artist He Could Do Watercolors Effect. This Is How That Turned Out

Image source: Tiffany Hill

#8 Looks Like Katherine Ryan

Image source: Reyna Givhan

#9 They Look Like Industrial Era Coal Factory Workers

Image source: Patrick Harrington

#10 Why?

Image source: Sunshine Tibbs

#11 Found Here On Facebook

Image source: Carro Hagen

#12 Ok, I’m Gonna Say This, Only A Real Man Would Rock This With Pride!

Image source: Reyna Givhan

#13 What Can I Say Except I’m Sorry

Image source: Reyna Givhan

#14 I Normally Love This Artist…but What The Hell?

Image source: Macey Shayn

#15 No. No, You Did Not Have To

Image source: Jessica Marie

#16 Found In The Wild. I thought It Was This Group-At-First. Very-Unfortunate

Image source:- Bryenna-Kump

#17 It’s…- Lips?-

Image source:- Mecca-Oliver

#18 Local-Shop, Poor-Gal Only Wanted Linework-Silhouette Of Dog-Ears

Image source: Sarah Thompson

#19 I Found This In An Article I came across here, I Can’t Remember What-It Was About, But How Tf Do-You-Manage To F*ck This Up That Bad?

Image source: Heather Achterberg

#20 There Are No Words

Image source: Erika Payne



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