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The 20+ funniest wildlife photos of 2018 have been revealed, and they will brighten your day.

One of the most prestigious wildlife photography competitions is the comedy wildlife photography awards. It depicts the animals in amusing situations that are difficult to believe. The finalists for the 2018 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards have been announced. However, out of 2000 quality entries, only 41 were selected for the final level.

Tom Sullam and Paul Joynson-Hicks founded the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards to use humor to raise awareness for wildlife conservation. Tom Sullum told Bored Panda the following:

Every year, the standard of imagery, in terms of the quality of the photography, rises. Each year, the humour is as brilliant as ever, with new animals that we haven’t seen before being featured.

The competition, in Tom’s opinion, is open to anyone. Furthermore, according to Tom, the photographers are a mix of around 30% professionals and 70% amateurs, allowing for a wider range of animals to be photographed. The importance of wildlife conservation is the message that the organizers hope to convey through this contest. “At the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, we believe that even the smallest act can help conservation,” Tom explained. “You have taken one positive step by following Born Free on social media. You are taking another big step forward by financially supporting them. By sharing our posts, purchasing the book, and continuing the conversation, you are helping to raise awareness about conservation issues.”

The competition has been divided into different categories, and the winners will be chosen based on the ranking categories. On November 15th, the overall winners will be announced at the Awards Night at Foyles in Charing Cross, London. The overall winner will be chosen by an expert panel. They’ll look for the best technical quality, as well as the most interesting content and captions.

In addition, you can vote for your favorite in the Affinity Photo People’s Choice Awards, where voters can win an iPad.

Scroll down to see these hilarious photos that will make you laugh out loud.

More info: Website | Facebook | Born Free | Book | People’s Choice Award

#1 Wildlife Photograbear

#2 Caught In The Act

#3 Happy

#4 Rhinopeacock 4

#5 Split

#6 Mother Returned From Her Parents Meeting From School

#7 Have A Headache

#8 The Black Skimmer Gang

#9 Hot Kiss

#10 Drive Safe

#11 Peek A Boo

#12 Crouching Tiger Peeking Moose

#13 Yoga Bear

#14 Cheeky

#15 The People Are Back

#16 Bullies

#17 This Is Sparta

#18 Tango

#19 Astonished Lemur

#20 Flying Hyena

#21 Smiling Ele

#22 Ashamed

#23 The Yawn

#24 Dancing Deer

#25 The Singing Moose

#26 Spy

#27 A Farewell

#28 Coastal Brown Bear Cub With A Headache

#29 Martian Tango

#30 Perfect Pillow

#31 Dances With Bears

#32 I Guess The Honeymoon Is Over

#33 Should Have Gone To Specsavers

#34 Least Tern Chick

#35 So There

#36 Rabbit Hiding Face In Embarrassment

#37 Smiling Blue Shark

#38 Walrus Breath

#39 Guffaw

#40 Order

#41 Yoga Bear



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