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Tattoo artists have done amazing cover-ups of people’s embarrassing old tattoos on 20 occasions.

Everyone makes mistakes — we’re only human, after all. Some blunders, though, are more permanent than others. I’m referring to tattoos, of course. Sure, getting a tattoo of a new meme or your girlfriend’s name may seem like a fantastic idea at the time, but 10 years from now, it may no longer appear so. Thankfully, there are skilled tattoo artists out there who can transform even the most hideous tattoos into stunning works of art – and today we’re focusing on them.

The r/FixedTattoos subreddit users are sharing photos of the best tattoo cover-ups they’ve seen or had done, and it’s incredible what some brilliant artists can achieve. In the pictures below, see how tattoo artists have covered up people’s unsightly previous tattoos.

#1 Just Wow

Image source: shaldaya

#2 Mary Who? I Only Love Marge

Image source: noijonas

#3 An Amazing Portrait Tattoo Fix

Image source: dwdwaterdrop

#4 I Like Both The Before And After Of This Tattoo, But A Well Done Rework Nonetheless

Image source: dwdwaterdrop

#5 Flowers Cover Up

Image source: maryeink

#6 Cruci-Fixed

Image source: retardvark

#7 Pikachu

Image source: DarkStarFTW

#8 Beautifully Executed

Image source: shaldaya

#9 Wow What A Difference

Image source: butteryuzzies

#10 Fantastic White Rabbit Rework By Ali Burke At Highwater Gallery, Swansea UK

Image source: whitestainedwood

#11 Cover Up Done By Rodney Eckenberger

Image source: Back2Beantown

#12 Alien To Cat

Image source: sinanyldz_tattooer

#13 Got This One Done A While Ago, What Do You Think About This Bad Guy On A Guy’s Leg? Imo It’s An Awesome “Funny” Tattoo Which I Love!

Image source: ynsein

#14 Amazing Difference

Image source: shaldaya

#15 Compass Taking Me No Where Now Takes Me Everywhere

Image source: crabytree

#16 You Can’t Lie, This Is A Good Fix

Image source: The_Cpt_Hazza

#17 Little Before & After

Image source:

#18 Cover-Up

Image source: gorilaink

#19 One Of My Favourite Backpiece Cover Up

Image source: alex_santucci_tattooer

#20 Love This Floral Cover Up!

Image source: dwdwaterdrop



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