Since he was born, this adorable Staffordshire bull terrier has had difficulty adjusting to his new environment. Amos was born blind and had difficulty surviving, let alone forming a family or even making friends. He has found a forever home and his very own “guide dog” in the form of his best friend, Toby, who has shown him that kindness always pays off.


Amos’s life has been transformed since one of the volunteers at the Cheshire Fire and Rescue service, the rescue center where he was born, decided to take on caring for him and his family. Jess Martin has been a lifelong animal lover, and the first time she laid eyes on this sweet soul, she was instantly taken in by him. As a result, when everyone was ignoring him because he was blind, Jess decided to take him in as a foster child until a permanent home could be found for him. However, what should have been a brief stopover turned into a long-term commitment for both parties.

After all, was said and done, Jess’s only concern was how her dog Toby would react when he met the new family member. Even Jess, on the other hand, could never have predicted how well the two would get along. In fact, Toby not only welcomed Amos into his home but also transformed himself into his brother’s eye-seeing dog. He now assists his brother in finding the water bowl and exploring the surrounding area.


The couple decided to foster Amos in February last year while he was in medical care for four months. “We realized after a while that we wouldn’t be able to give him back,” Jess explained. The first couple-of-days, I noticed that Amos couldn’t find his water bowl, so I nudged Toby and helped him out. After a couple-of-days, I noticed that Toby had encouraged him and helped him out.”

While Amos struggles to befriend and even communicate with other dogs, his relationship with Toby is flourishing. Toby is more than a friend to Amos, according to him. He serves as his guide dog, his guardian angel, mother, and brother all simultaneously, and he loves them all. The tiny dog is constantly on the lookout for his best friend and attempting to provide comfort to him in a world that is hostile to him. Toby is not only assisting Amos in locating his water bawl, but he is also assisting him in his exploration of the world!


As Jess explained, “the other dogs do not like Amos when they approach him, obviously because he is unable to communicate in the same way as they are, so he does not have any other friends.” “However, Toby is always by his side to protect him – we refer to him as his bodyguard.”

More information about Amos and Toby’s inspiring story can be found on their Instagram page.


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