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What Will You Feel If You Get To See That You Ate Pineapple Wrong?

Some people say it is a lie and it is not a practical thing. Some others admit that they have done it wrong. Also, some others state that the video is another way to have it. All these mumbles had come into the act after a video that shown how to eat pineapple correctly. As a pineapple lover, you might have tried removing the harsh outer cover and then eat it. But another person suggests that an outer cover removal is not required anymore in this method.

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Image credits: dillonroberts22

Eth properly eating pineapple video has spread across the world along with 30 million views. It had been created by Dillon Roberts, a famous Tik Toker. Although it has passed almost a couple of years since its release in 2019, people have been more curious about this method than 2019. Also, numerous video uploaders had shared their experience along with new methods to do that properly. The new method suggests cutting the pineapple fruits is not necessary but extracting the hexagonal seeds suing bare hands. The latest model suggests extracting the pineapple piece by piece using the hexagonal part of the pineapple. When it comes to the real world experiences along with the reviews, people had expressed different types of comments on the new method. The following guide will help you to do that properly.

Image credits: dillonroberts22

John Noony was one of the individuals who shared the pineapple properly extracting video. According to him, “First, you have to hit the pineapple on the floor. It is done according to couple of purposes, to smoothen the inside flesh and los the stingy nature of the pineapple. They are known as eys of the pineapple that you can yourself while removing the outer cover. If you want to have more juice while removing the pieces, you will have to hit a harder on the floor”.

Image credits: John Nonny / The Pun Guys

After that, John explains how to massage the pineapple. It is a thing that you have to do there to five minutes. The longer you take, the better the that will be. “Now you can pull out piece by pice. Also, you will know how tricky the nature has been. Similar to all other fruits in the world, Pineapple has got its own way to deliver to its flesh,” says John Noony.

Image credits: John Nonny / The Pun Guys

One of the viewers had commented that this method can be practiced for ripen pineapples only. According to him, a person can easily lost the opportunity to have a halfly ripen pineapple. Also, there will be a bitter taste in the Nonny’s ,method after following his method for a greenish pineapple.

Image credits: John Nonny / The Pun Guys

Lewis McCluskey is such a person who showed his keen interest to share his pineapple experience. He has been able to each more than 13 viewers within just a couple of weeks. Since he has got more tricks than any other, his method will be convenient a lot as well. 

“You should remove the top and the bottom o the pineapple which will allow the pineapple to relive the pressure. After doing that, the pineapple will not be felt it a juicy nature as well. Also, I do not recommend hitting the pineapple on the floor. What you have to do is to roll the pineapple along the floor. It will turns spines softer and won’t hurt your fingers when extracting the pieces,” said Lewis. Along with this method, a person can save few more minutes that it takes to taste the pineapple flesh. 

Jenny Cundiffis a doctor who got interested in Lewis method. She had mentioned that what Lewis has invented is a great way to eat pineapple. When providing pineapple for kids as a fruit, adults have to face different circumstances such as dealing with dirty hands, spines on pineapple, and enhancing the quality of the food. “Pineapple is not a only a source for Vitamin C but for other essential nutrients such as Vitamin, B, D, and K. Although you have pineapple as a fruit, you won’t get all of them due to the hardness of the flesh. What Lewis has found is a great way to deal with all of them at once” Jennifer had stated. 



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