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Scientists Are Clueless About Hundreds Of Birds’ Death In USA

The world is changing every minute. More importantly, the world is changing speedier than you thing. When it comes to the nature, people can’t find reasons easily for most of the times. The cause for the death of hundreds of birds’ death is still a mystery. As you might have seen, there are hundreds of unusual bird deaths that have been reported all across the United States.

Birds have been dying in Midwest and South parts in recent time. Media had reported 100 of birds dying in the streets. Scientists have stated that there has been an increase in the last month than the previous months. According to the news sources, birds have died in last month, May, more than by 50%. However, those scientist have not been able to reveal a specific cause yet. Blue jays, common grackles, and European starlings are the bird species that have been found as dead birds. Although scientist and research institutes are working on this matter, they have also gone clueless regarding this matter.

Kate Slankard is an avian scientists known for his attention towards the birds‘deaths. He had told “We are still working on this matter, the deaths of thousands of birds all across the south parts and the Midwest.  Whatever the cause, it seems to be deadlier than we thought”. Not only Kate Slankard, but most of the animal and bird related institutes don’t have an idea about these deaths. 

Some of them have mentioned that the cause of these deaths is the development of mobile frequencies, but it has not been proven yet. Some environmental organizations have suspected the recent advancements of the network frequencies as the main reason. More importantly, these things have happened at a time when the 5G has been introduced over the United States.

According to the symptoms, puffy eyes, neurological damaged symptoms and the imbalance are more common. Birds look struggling in the flying also. Eth redness of eyes, unconsciousness, and the struggling for the lives have been other symptoms that have been reported. According to the specialists, those symptoms are due to an exposure caused by various hazardous chemicals. It means that 5G cause can be a misunderstanding a swell. When it comes to hazardous chemicals, Ammonia is the most committed chemical in these areas where lots of industrial origins are located. Along with the dead birds, several animals have been found dead. According to the official reports. there is not a direct link between these deaths and the animals. However, officials seems to be accepting the death of the birds due to a mysterious cause.

Scientists have conducted a few test involving these birds. They have conclude that the blind vision looks to be a major reveals in those researches. Most of the birds have not flown away when the humans get closed to them, which means they don’t see properly. Also, some other birds had lost the sense of food and acted weirdly from their normal behavior.

Kate Slankard had stated furthermore that the birds were not responding to the sudden noises like the normal birds do. Sometimes, I could see they were shaking and looked suffering from the fever. According to Kate Slankard, these birds dent have the normal sense nor any knowledge about their usual behavior. However, some Facebook and social media posts had been shared that these birds were showing some kind of zombie movement. However, most of the shared images and videos had been reported fake, and any of the dead birds had don’t come to life after dying. 

Dr. Haulmen is a veterinary sergeant in Midwest who had consulted a small research regarding the condition the birds had been showing. He had stated that not only the dead birds but most of the living birds are showing these conditions regularly. It means that this can be due to a virus as well. At a time when the COVID19 had strike a serious threat, having birds being victimized for such threats will be life threatening for humans. Thankfully, any of the dead birds had not been infected by COVID19 virus. Dr. Haulmen had stated that this can be another virus and almost every bird in The South parts and the Midwest had got infected already. According to Haulmen, this will be the pre-ear when the birds get infected before transferring the virus to the mankind. If it is so, this will be just a matter of time before killing more millions of lives in the US. 

Not only Midwest and South Parts o the country, but the Kentucky, Washington D.C., Indiana, Maryland, Virginia, and Ohio had got similar incidents in last couple of months. According to the most of the bird institutes and the research centers, they had shown regular increases regarding the deaths of the birds. 

Laura Kearns is a wildlife biologist who depicts the pesticides and all other agricultural products as the main cause. According to Laura Kearns, there are numerous pesticides that have been used by the farmers. Some of them are used from the sky which lead to mass murder of pests as well as vital insects. If there is an enough wind blowing in the area, not only the required farmlands, but the surrounding area will get the pesticides. Furthermore, Laura Kearns has mentioned that the birds are sensitive creatures that can’t even tolerate a higher frequency. 

Indian wild life institutes have provide a responsive duty against these deaths of birds. They have conducted tests for avian flu as well as COVID19 which have been tested negative for every dead bird in the Indian region. Brown-headed cowboys, blue jays, robins, northern cardinals, and even a few eagles had been caught as dead ones in the Indiana. 

When coming to Kentucky and the New Mexico wildlife authorities, they had observed the bird death rates from hundreds to thousands within the September last year, 2020. Although the alarming rate had just reduced, same thing have spread across the whole country and the birds have started dying again. According to official, the number of total bird deaths are more than 200000 from January to so far. 

Government official authorities have forced the bird keepers to proceed with bleach treatments as per necessary. Furthermore, the public is instructed to stay away from the dead birds and make aware the necessary authorities. Also, you should clean the bird tubs and keep them clean as much as possible. Even if you are not a bird person, your safety will have to be maintained.


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