Polar bears, the largest bear species in existence and the largest land carnivores, are truly fascinating creatures. However, most of us are accustomed to seeing the frozen Arctic waters surrounded by ice. This is why we were surprised to find that Russian photographer Dmitry Koke photographed these large animals at an abandoned meteorological station on the island of Kolyuch in Chuchi Beach. The station was built in 1934. Then closed in 1992. unusual to see polar bears roaming around a post-apocalyptic human land.

“I always wanted to get some good views of the polar bears, which was the leading destination of our trip. We expected to see them on the world-famous Rangle Island, home to many bears. Not this year, as we found out later — maybe because of the chilly summer. But you Nature

sends you something unexpected – as we passed the island of Kolyuchin off the north coast of Chukotka, we saw some movements in the abandoned windows. As we got closer – they were bears! The photographer told the bored panda.

This photo of the polar bear in the window titled “Summer” became the best representation of wildlife in the artificial environment in a competition conducted by the magazine “Wildlife of Russia.”

The photographer had to travel farther east of the Russian Arctic to capture these shots.

The abandoned weather station on the island of Koliuch in the Chuchi Sea

“I’m finally returning from a long-awaited voyage to Sukotka and Rangel Island. Because of the remote and eastern part of the Russian Arctic, this place is challenging to get to, but it’s hard to forget. We have crossed the seas full of life,” Dmitry wrote on his Instagram.

If anyone asks how we imagine the end of the world, this film comes very close.

“I always wanted to get some good shots of polar bears, and that was the main goal of our trip,” the photographer said.


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