It is possible to have a few different types of domesticated animals. Typically, cats and dogs are kept as pets, and their owners develop strong emotional attachments to them. There are also working animals, typically comprised of horses, donkeys, yaks, and other animals. More sophisticated tools and technology are increasingly replacing working animals. Still, they were once considered necessary, and people developed strong attachments to them. Then there are animals raised solely for their meat, such as ducks, buffaloes, rabbits, and pigs, grown for their meat only. Even if individuals rather than farms keep them, there is no emotional attachment to them because they are raised solely to be slaughtered.

However, it is impossible to ignore how precious and loving working animals or those raised for meat are. As a result, they are frequently adopted as pets. Animals used for working purposes were moved to the pet zone a long time ago when their usefulness was no longer warranted. Animals such as pigs are now being kept as pets, with no intention of turning them into steaks in the future.

Pigs are typically associated with being untidy and annoying. However, they are more than just farm animals, and they are pretty adorable.


Piglet Blep

Piglet Blep


Pigs make excellent pets because they are intelligent and easy to care for. They enjoy being around other people. They are indeed clean animals, and the bristly hair that the pigs have is hypoallergenic in nature. As long as they are leash trained, you can train them to perform tricks like a dog and even take them for walks.

However, as with any animal, there are several factors to consider before embarking on this adventure. One of the most-important considerations is where to keep one and what to feed it. All of the small pigs in the photos are actually baby pigs, which means they have not yet reached adulthood. Most of the time, people don’t anticipate them growing up to be so large and end up having to give them away.

This is because the term “mini pig” is misleading. They can weigh between 50 and 150 pounds when fully grown, and many people do not expect them to grow that large because they do not look at the pig’s parents or do not educate themselves about the breed.


Pearl is holding her stuffed piglet, which she is cuddling.

Pearl Cuddling Her Little Stuffed Piglet



Kevin & Girly Girl – Friends For Life

Kevin And Girly Girl - Friends For Life



Bruce was driving to a commercial finishing facility when he lost control of his semi and fell out. This is Bruce, speaking now.

A Week Ago Bruce Fell Out Of A Semi On His Way To A Commercial Finishing Facility. This Is Bruce Now



Piglet Sunbathing

Piglet Sunbathing


Another thing that pigs require is access to an outdoor space because they must use their natural-instinct to forage for roots and fungi in order to survive. Of course, they enjoy their mud baths, which are also necessary for them to avoid overheating in the summer. Their skin is actually quite-sensitive and can easily become sunburned, so they require shade when left outside for long periods of time. When kept indoors, depending on how large they are, they may require a separate-room with blankets for them to nest in, or you may wish to construct something akin to a barn or a shed for them to keep them safe from the wind, rain, and other harsh weather.

Although pigs spend a significant portion of their day turning over ground in search of roots, bulbs, insects, small rodents, and even reptiles in their natural environment, they are typically kept in confined spaces as pets, which means that their owners must ensure that their piggies are properly fed. Typically, this entails purchasing specialized food because, in some areas, feeding pigs scraps is prohibited due to the possibility of making them sick. Pigs are known for eating almost anything, so leaving them hungry can be dangerous because they will find-something to stuff their stomachs with that may not be the best thing for their digestive system if they are not fed regularly.


This pig, who had spent the previous 12 years in a cramped stall, has finally found someone who cares about her.

After Spending 12 Years In A Tiny Stall, This Pig Finally Found Someone Who Loves Her

Where Pigs Fly


A Happy Pig

A Happy Pig



This Piglet With Buck Tooth

This Piglet With Buck Tooth


Having a pig requires a significant financial investment, as the upkeep of the outdoor and indoor spaces, as well as the cost of purchasing appropriate food, can quickly add up. As a result, you should make a point of taking it to the vet on a regular basis and making certain that you are working with someone who is knowledgeable about pigs, as different veterinarians specialize in the care of different types of livestock. When determining whether or not you could afford a pet pig, keep in mind the costs associated with that.

Potential pig owners should keep in mind that these animals can live for up to 20 years, so they must be certain that this isn’t just a wish that will be fulfilled because everyone is taking pictures of them looking adorable. It’s a living creature, and you’ll have a hard time getting rid of it if you get bored with it. As a matter of fact, it is illegal to simply abandon a pet pig in the wild because it is not adapted to living on its own and therefore constitutes animal cruelty.


Isa the Piglet, the Kitten Lady’s newest foster, has joined the family.

The Kitten Lady’s Newest Foster, Isa The Piglet



My girlfriend is completely obsessed with mini pigs, despite the fact that she has never met one. That has changed as of today.

My Girlfriend Is Beyond Obsessed With Mini Pigs, But Had Never Met One. That Changed Today



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