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Photographs that are perfectly timed and make you look twice.

Our world is full of incredible and surprising events. The way we view the world and what we see in photographs would be completely different. We aim to record a moment with a lens, but it gives us a completely other story, demonstrating how unexpected the world is. Here are a few photographic coincidences that will undoubtedly make you think twice. 

How long has he had this beard on? 

© Garnier Fructis

Humans and nature are a perfect fit. 

© dinocantelli

Best disguise

© Bence Bakonyi

It would be preferable if I could find someone wearing the same outfit as myself rather than having to settle with the floor. 

© beedat / imgur

Pickpockets can be exposed at any time. 

© imgur

Iceberg lettuce has been given by the titanic corporation. 

© CribbageLeft / reddit

A smile can be found anywhere on the planet. 

© crazymuffin ​/ reddit

Ice cream is everyone’s favorite

© sandely65 / reddit

You can meet your ideal partner at any time and in any place. 

© ipylaev / pikabu

On the side of the road, there’s a giant broccoli. 

© Bdogg242 / reddit

Trying to hide

© UntoldDimension / imgur

Criminal is found

© reddit

The lion king’s Rafiki is discovered in a pipe line. 

© SweetSound / reddit

I am what you are looking

© tezzabelle / reddit

Perfect breakfast

© antfro946 / reddit

In a forest, the door and handle appear to be a UFO. 

© Saemperson / imgur

Its neck matches the shore, which is a charming coincidence. 

© tortugatuba/reddit

It appears to be a fence in the backdrop, but it actually a lake. 

© artistdesignerwriter / reddit



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