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Pet Database Is Still Struggling Due To Problems

The pet database was a new concept to the world that came up with a new idea. Its main purpose was to bring the necessary details for the pet owners. When coming to the core of the pet database, it is a website that contains information about eh pets. A user can get the necessary details as well as check for lost pets in this database. However, the latest news about the website is in not good shape.

The first thing to come was the loss of data of the pets that have registered on the website. After installing a major upgrade for the security, lots of users had lost the data they had entered into the website. Although the upgrade was claimed for the security, the data lss was a huge blow for them. Although it has passed few months since the March’s upgrade, still, there are some users who see losses in the database.

However, the pet database has issued a statement regarding this issue. According to the petlog, the issue has not arisen for the data of the pets but the speed of accessing them. Along with a web statement, the petlog has insisted that the issues on accessing will be fixed soon as there is not a shortage of data. But, pet owners have become frustrated due to this issue. What they need is not the speed but the data they had saved on their pets.

James Hooper is one of the dog owners in the London who had paid a fee for being registered. After paying the fee, he has happened to fill numerous forms, and even after that, he has not been able to conclude the process. “I was asked to pay £17 for petlog for entering my dog’s details. Even after paying the sum and filling the forms, I was asked to re-submit the details as they have found a change on my address. Although, all those things have been completed, my dog’s data is not in the database. The most important thing about this matter is their cleanliness. Whatever the mistake they have committed, what they tell us that it is all my fault. I’m so frustrated not only about my wasted money but for the time I could have enjoyed with my pet”. 

Several incidents have been reported to the BBC website. A person has paid for the pet log and what she got in return was a horse. The previous cat owner don’t even have an idea about what was going on. When coming to the Ms. Wilson’s matter, she had a lovely dog and wanted the account removed from pet log. After going to the website, Ms. Wilson had seen that a dead cat was being shown on the website. 

Mr. David’s story was not a rare one. “I had got a couple of pets under my ownership. I had to pay a fee to keep them in the database. After filling and trying several forms, I could not see any pet on the website under my ownership. After inquiring this matter, they stated that they had not properly provided the information”. Other than that, people are complaining regularly about unrecognized passwords, unfair charges, loss of data,, and even the difficulties in logging into the website due to hosting failures. 

The Petlog is maintained by Kennel Club who insist that they are working on every pet owner who has registered their pets in the website. Also, they have stated that they know how crucial it is to work with a man who has lost his/her pet. 

As a prominent pet service providing institute, the petlog has a 24/7 work schedule. That is exceptional for a person who suffers from the loss of his pet. When it comes to the reunification line, there is a possibility to receive a call by a pet owner to receive the updates of the lost pet. The Kennel Club wants their customers to enter, remember, and inquire with the same pet name that has been provided by the customers. According to an employee, most of the mistakes are made by the customers. Entering the details of a lost pet is not an intentional one as most of the pet owners feel the pain even when they are looking. But, after having a relaxed mind, the customers don’t have a proper understanding about the entered data. Therefore, the inability logon, changed data, and lots of regular errors can be observed by the customers. Also, the Kennel Club said that there can be a shortage in the customer care due to the blackness of available operators. 

“We have faced coupe of misentered data into the data log website that could go wrong. Although there is not a specific way to corrupt data, people usually forget that pets are not human beings that have a longer name. Therefore, there can be various problems. For example, if you have a cat named “Toby”, there can be a dog with the same name in the house next to yours. Therefore, it is up to you to enter other details carefully. 

Even if find about these situations, we make things right. We call to the owners and apologize for what has happened. Even though it is not our fault, we do apologize for the sake of you”. These are the words from an executive from the Kennel Club. 

Since there are two sides to a coin, you will have to assume that either you or the petlog has made things wrong. If you have enough proof that it is not you but the company has the fault, you will always have lots of options with the law. Although time matters after the sudden loss, you will have plenty of tie after being settled for those choices. Even a small screen shot will be enough to imply the petlog what has gone wrong. 



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