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Over the years, a man makes friends with a bear, and she brings her cubs to meet him

One of life’s greatest pleasures is sharing the world with animals. It could be with our own pets or wild animals. Even though animals like cats and dogs have been domesticated and have become our best friends over time, having close contact with other wild animals can be extremely dangerous.

© Patrick Conley

As a result, while the story we’re about to share with you is incredibly cute, it also teaches us that we can be friends with wild animals. Patrick Conley is a regular guy from Asheville, North Carolina, who gets frequent visits from Simone, a bear. When the bear first wandered into Patrick’s yard in 2017, she began paying him visits, and she has continued to do so since then.

© Patrick Conley

Simone’s most recent visit was a little unusual. She brought her first litter of bear cubs with her to meet her new human companion. Patrick was astounded and awestruck by the sight in front of him: a beautiful family of three, led to the porch by the mama bear proudly leading her children. After a while, they left, leaving Patrick speechless.

© Patrick Conley

The most amazing aspect of this encounter is that Patrick was able to record the entire thing. Patrick has a YouTube channel where he posts about his bear encounters, including those with Simone’s siblings Maurice and Solange, as well as her mother, Maté.

Take a look at the video that Patrick shot. And yes, we know you envious Patrick because we envious him as well.



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