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Ordinary People Have Been Photobombed 10+ Times by Celebrities

Taking pictures of everything and everything has become the norm these days. Everyone would just whip out their iPhones and document whatever happened, whether it was a sad event, a happy one, or anything unexpected. In fact, we have different social media sites simply for uploading photographs due of our photo addiction! 

Imagine being photobombed by a celebrity while trying to take a normal photograph of yourself. That would make the image a thousand times more valuable, and it would be one of the finest things that could have occurred to you! We all want to take pictures with celebrities, but it doesn’t happen very often. They wouldn’t hang out in parks like we do, so when you take a picture with Prince William or De Capricho in the background, it’s worth far more than words can express. 

So, if you’ve been photobombed by a celebrity out of the 7.6 billion people on the planet, consider yourself quite fortunate, and we thought we’d share some examples of celebs photobombing ordinary people’s photos. 

#1. Jennifer Lawrence was nominated for an Academy Award for a reason. 


#2. Prince Harry is the photobombing king. 


#3. Photobombing appears to be a family trait. 

chrishoy / twitter

#4. Is it possible for me to have a photobomb like this one as well? 


#5. “This is the outcome of my friend trying to sneak a photo of Emma Stone and Andre Garfield enjoying dinner.” 

u/TreasureTrolls / reddit

#6. Rihanna made this shot a lot better. 

Bob Saget

#7. Being pals with George Clooney has its benefits. 


#8. Jake Gyllenhaal is a master of the photobomb. 

u/BoysHole / reddit

#9. This is why we have brothers. 


#10. These two are fantastic. 


#11. Photobombing is a cute little thing. 

Keegan Allen

#12. Elisabeth and Ryan’s wedding photoshoot was photobombed by Tom Hanks. 


#13. James Hardens keeping up with the Kardashians


#14. A beautiful family picture was spoiled by Neil Patrick Harris. 




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