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On the occasion of their first encounter, the Sausage Doggy and the Seal Puppy instantly became best friends.

When we go-on vacation, many of us end up befriending people we don’t know, and the connections we forge with people from other nations frequently continue for a long time.

The desire to meet new people is not exclusive to only people; in fact, it manifests in the same way in other species, including animals. A pupper by the name of Stanley, who had just returned from a trip to Cornwall with his human, met a seal pup by the name of Aayla in the local Cornish seal sanctuary, and the two of them immediately hit it off and developed a beautiful bond. Stanley’s human had taken him on the trip.

Stanley, a dachshund, also known as a sausage dog, traveled with his human friend Melanie Talbot while on vacation. They decided to get away from it all and spend quality time together in Cornwall, England. And it was determined that they would go to the Cornish Seal Sanctuary run by the Sea Life Trust.

At the Cornish Seal Sanctuary, two young pups, one from the land and one from the water, recently bonded and became good friends.

Melanie Talbot

Aayla is a lifelong inhabitant of the seal sanctuary where she works. As soon as Stanley entered the underwater viewing area, Aayla caught his attention and pulled him in. Aayla was swimming around inquisitively, staring at the sausage dog, while Stanley was amazingly glancing at her. Both of them were thrilled to see each other.

After that, the two new acquaintances spent almost twenty minutes conversing and posing for photographs together. Causing everyone in the vicinity to exclaim, “aww..”

Melanie Talbot

It was hypothesized that Aayla had confused Stanley with a different seal. The fact that Stanley was wearing a dog coat and a snoot, both of which had his ears tucked within, led her to speculate that he was of the same species as she was. After saying so, Aayla started imitating various mannerisms, such as waving at the doggo and tilting her head, as most dogs do.

They snapped pictures together, and Aayla appeared to be more of a dog than a seal in most of them. Talbot claimed that it seemed as though they were already buddies from the moment they laid eyes on each other.

Melanie Talbot

The dog’s owner also mentioned that someone had instructed her canine companion to sleep with their legs tucked in, which gave him the appearance of his seal companion. Also, these two cute puppies would become fast friends when they met each other.

Melanie Talbot

The Sea Life Trust Cornish Seal Sanctuary is located near Gweek, Cornwall, and serves as a refuge for seals and other marine wildlife that are ill, injured, or otherwise in trouble. They come to the aid of defenseless aquatic animals and tend to their medical needs. Additionally, if the animals fully heal, they are released back into the wild. However, if the animals have not entirely recovered, they are given permanent residency within the sanctuary. Aayla is only one of the numerous animals that needed a rescue and found a new home because of this organization.

Melanie Talbot

You can see more adorable pictures of Stanley on Talbot’s Instagram and more attractive images of seals and other aquatic animals on the official Instagram account for the Cornish Seal Sanctuary. Tell me about some of the seasonal friendships you have. Please share your-thoughts with us in the section below!

Sea Life Trust Cornish Seal SanctuarySea Life Trust Cornish Seal SanctuarySea Life Trust Cornish Seal SanctuarySea Life Trust Cornish Seal Sanctuary



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