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Old color images of Coney Island in 1948

coney island old color images

When the word “Amusement Park” pops up in your mind, the picture created in your mind is full of colors, sunlight, and a lot of fun. This is the very image of Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York! I know you all have seen and heard a lot about modern Coney Island. But have you seen its photos during its inception and early times? It sure is fun to check out these images! So let us roll…

For starters…

Coney Island is a spectacular landscape situated in a peninsular in the southwestern segment of the New York City borough of Brooklyn. This Island is bounded by Brighton Beach, Lower New York Bay, Gravesend, subsections of Sea Gate, and Brighton Beach. So, as you can see, how wonderful this place should be, right! That is why it is one of the most iconic entertainment areas in the world. Coney Island was the westernmost of the Outer Barrier islands of the southern shore of Long Island. However, during the early 20th century, it became a peninsula by connecting to Long Island by landfill.

No one knows precisely where the name “Coney Island” came from for sure. But the Island originally belonged to the colonial town of Gravesend. During the mid-19th century, it became a seaside resort. By the end of the 19th century, most historical amusement parks came into the stage of Coney Island. The magnetism of the Island reached a historical peak in the early half of the 20th century. 

For e short period, in the early twentieth century, Coney Island used to be the most astonishing spectacle in the world. A wonderland of lights, imagination, and creativity seemed to indicate an emerging nation’s promise that the destination would come to dominate the entertainment industry. 

Bit of History…

Dutch explorer Henry Hudson discovered Coney Island in 1609. It eventually developed into an amusement resort at the beach. During the 1870s and 1880s, several luxury hotels came into place, and a railroad was also built connecting the resort. During that time, Coney Island bore the name tag “Heaven at the end of a subway ride.”

The first enclosed amusement park built on Coney Island was Sea Lion Park that opened in 1895. But it did not stop there. Island became the home of several best-known amusement parks in the world. If we name the most popular ones, they were Luna Park, Steeplechase Park, and Dreamland. These parks took visitors not on rides but journeys. Where did guests want to go? 

Was it under the sea or around the world? 

To the past or the future? 

To the outer space or inner space? Well, it did not matter. The parks got it all. 

Additionally, people could lease spaces for single attractions as well. Coney Island had many name tags depending on the different facilities it provided. It got the reputation as the “Poor Man’s Paradise.” Also, they call it the “Nickel Empire” because just for a nickel, one could get a hot dog or a deep-fried baked potato cake or ride any of the thrilling amusements.       

Luna Park was the world’s first theme park. The Park shined with at least a quarter-million light bulbs on bouncily ornamented palaces and oriental towers. The most astonishing part was that electricity was still a novelty at that time. At Dreamland, it was a completely different vibe it offered. The themes included life, death, and morality. Guests’ rides were the Creation, the Hell Gate, and the End of the World!

Its golden period….

The news about this novel entertainment Island traveled across the world at the speed of light. Visitors started to come from all over to witness for themselves. Guests arriving by boat via New York were mesmerized when they first saw its blistering forest of lights. Even the great Soviet writer Maxim Gorky wrote about his visit in 1907 about how breathtaking the view was. He stated a remarkable city of fire suddenly raised from the ocean into the sky, and that feeling was beyond imagination.  

The time duration from 1880 until World War II, Coney Island was the most extensive amusement area in the United States.It attracted several million visitors a year, becoming the hottest tourist destination. Its development as an amusement area encouraged the concept of amusement parks in other urban parts of the United States as well. This phenomenon changed amusement from a passive to an active concept.

Every peak has a grove…

Unfortunately, after the Second World War II, the attendance of guests started to decline drastically. The boom in car ownership that allowed people to travel to other entertaining spots further amplified this effect. Finally, the amusement area’s popularity passed away. 

But its memory never faded thanks to the photographs taken during its most celebratory period. Following color pictures gathered here to show people enjoying Coney Island in its golden time.

Various redevelopment project proposals came along for Coney Island from the 1970s to the 2000s. But none of them actually came to action. The area came to life again in 2001 with the MCU Park opening, and many amusement rides started in the 2010s.

coney island old color images

Sunbathers enjoying the sun on Coney Island beach.

coney island old color images

The scenery of the Boardwalk of Coney Island.

coney island old color images

A sunbathing woman on the sands of Coney Island beach.

coney island old color images

The breathtaking Parachute Jump at Steeplechase Park.

coney island old color imagesThe popular Parachute Jump at Steeplechase Park.

coney island old color images

Guests enjoying sunbathing on Coney Island beach.


coney island old color images

The Silver Streak ride in the Steeplechase Park.

coney island old color images

Rockaway Park located in the Rockaway Peninsula, New York City.

coney island old color images

A view of Coney Island boardwalk and the Parachute Jump in Steeplechase Park was built as an element of the New York World’s Fair in 1939 and moved in 1941.

coney island old color images

Different rides at Coney Island, including the Spinning saucer.

coney island old color images

An African American couple at the Coney Island beach.



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