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No one to play with for a depressed rescue dog, so he becomes best friends with a rat.

The 3-month-old rat climbs into the Dutch shepherd therapy dog’s mouth and cleans his teeth — Dutch shepherds are famed for their loyalty and trainability – and Osiris and Riff Rat have an uncommonly trusting connection. Riff Rat was rescued at the age of four weeks and nursed back to health with a syringe. 

Image Credit & More Info: osirisandfriends / Instagram

#1. This strange yet love connection began when the owners of Osiris rescued Riff Rat, who was just 4 weeks old at the time. He was so little that he couldn’t even open his eyes and had to be fed through a syringe. 

#2. The mouse enjoys licking the dog’s mouth from the inside. I’m sure you’re wondering if Osiris intends to eat Riff – the answer is no! Osiris is frightened! “He is the sweetest dog I’ve ever met,” writes his owner on Instagram, @osirisandriff. He has aided in the fostering and caring of a large number of animals. 

#3. Osiris was a rescue dog that had been abandoned as a puppy in a parking lot. He was made to fail as a foster child by his new owners. 

#4. As a result, it would be appropriate for him to accompany a fellow rescuer. After all, Osiris has been trained as a Therapy dog and has assisted his owners in the care of other animals. 

#5. Their owners were first hesitant to introduce the two for obvious reasons, but their fears were quickly dispelled when they saw how well the two got along. 

#6. According to the owners, Osiris even allows the rat to brush his teeth. 

#7. “They don’t only want to hang out and spend time together, but they’re not afraid of one other’s emotions. It’s practically inseparable! This couple’s relationship is unbreakable.” 

#8. Take a look at those two adorable buddies who are having so much fun together. You have no qualms about expressing your love for one another. 

#9. “Watching them look after each other and form such an unexpected relationship gives me hope for the rest of humanity on our planet.” 

#10. Oh, sure, this is the location. Right there, Osiris.” Osiris, on the other hand, is unconcerned about giving Riff rat these wonderful little baths. He obviously like to keep his best buddy clean, how else could you explain it? 

#11. Despite the fact that these two opted to be friends, the proprietors of the video advise viewers not to adopt a rat to be friends with their dog. Because the rat is likely to be eaten by the dog, and not all dogs are like Osiris. 

#12. Furthermore, the proprietors of Osiris are qualified animal rehabbers and seasoned animal foster parents with a lot of expertise, so they know what they’re doing. 



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