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New Twin Baby Pandas Have Enlarged The Panda Family At Tokyo Zoo

People are keeping their eyes on Tokyo because of the Tokyo Olympics. At a time when there is a threat from the pandemic, you must be willing to know something related to the Olympics. But, the news is about a Panda mother who had given birth to two pandalings. 

Even if you are a pet person or a not, it is typical to be a Panda person. Even if this is about a mother and two kids, it is a news you have to hear. The Tokyo zoo has reported a two panda births this week.  The Ueno zoo has reported that a giant panda mother known as Shin Shin has done this epic work. Most importantly, it has passed more than 4 years since the last panda delivery at the venue as well.

The zoo has reported this news on their official website on last Wednesday.  It seems the elder Panda baby is elder 1 and half hours than the younger one. The elder one was born at 1.03 am and the other one came to this world at 1.32am on the same day. Neither the gender nor the names have not been specified yet.

“The entire zoo is working on this matter as this is the first time after four years we are working ion a similar matter. Although it is a bit challenging to have a twin panda birth in the zoom, we are always in control,” the zoo had stated in their official website. According to the zoo sources one panda has weighed 4 and half ounces while the other panda has not been measured yet. Although the weight is yet to determine, sources state that both pandalings are similar in shape and the weight.

If you don’t have a specific idea about the size of the panda babies, they look similar to the size of a palm of a human. After few days of weeks, they look similar to the bare palm shape indeed.

The newborn babies have started enjoying their lives. They cry, drink, and eat, which are what they need to do. They have been sent through a couple of scans and the Tokyo zoo has confirmed they are in good health as well. News have been reported that the father and the elder brother of the new born pandas had a visit to the separate cell where the Shin Shin and twin pandas are kept.

Their mother is a beauty who was born in 2005. She has been a calm and quiet character along with the panda specific cute behaviors. After having 10 years in the Tokyo Zoo, Shin Shin has become a mother at the age of 12 when a usual female panda become s mother. She delivered her first panda baby in 2017 who was a cute and a gorgeous one.  Shin Shin was born in the Tokyo Panda research center and moved to this place in 2011. Shin Shin’s male partner, the father of the twin babies, is Ri Ri, who had the same routine the female panda mother had. He spent his entire life along with Shin Shin and helped the first baby panda also.

According to the Zoo’s internal sources, Shin Shin had been removed from the public view from the beginning of the pandemic. Even they didn’t have a clue what was about to happen a swell.  May was the time Shin Shin had shown the pregnancy symptoms. After few scans, Zoo staff had identified that the female panda was about to be a mother of twin babies.

The Tokyo panda family has become a bigger family. There are five members along with the new born babies. Father mother, elder brother and new born baby pandas have made a great news for the Tokyo zoo. The Japan’s chief cabinet secretary has delivered his wishes for the Tokyo zoo for their duties. “I ‘m so happy to hear that we are going to have a bigger family now. What you have done to have these babies is a good news to me. I’ sure that you will be working on the good behalf of these two baby pandas as well.” That is how Japan’s chief cabinet secretary, Mr. Kato had sent his wishes.



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