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Men’s hairstyles of the most romantic period (the 1960s–1970s)

Hairstyle is an important thing to consider for both men and women, as it affects one’s appearance very much. One’s hairstyle can change his or her appearance entirely and transform that person into a new one. Sometimes changing hairstyles depicts that a person is going to have a fresh start in his or her life. A hairstyle can make a person look smart or odd. So, hairstyles are an important part of everyone’s lives. As well as women, men also visit salons to have a better haircut. As well as women, young men, old men, and kids do hairstyles, as their looks are also very important for them.

A good hairstyle can give a better look for everyone. That can make someone look romantic. When talking about that, the most romantic period and fruitful decade in the world of fashion and hairstyling was the sixties and seventies. Men’s hair in that period was a big thing and joy to behold. They did blow-drying, bobbing, sideburns, and everything. 

There were very innovative hairstyles, and Some out of them soon became extremely popular. In the seventies, men’s hairstyling used in the sixties was carried over by modifying them. Those styles were cool with various cuts and styles. Those hairstyles were mainly worn by celebrities, singers, movie stars, musicians, and famous characters, and after that, styling became a trend. 

Hairstyling and grooming became more and more famous, and many new things like mullet, perm, and feathered hair were introduced. Many people happily did the styling. Furthermore, hair styling was not easy with women’s products, and in that period, new hair products began to be manufactured for men’s hairstyling. 

This decade was even responsible for facial hair styling, and styles such as mustache and mutton chops were famous among men. Even fake facial hair was also worn by men and did styling to those also. 

From the 1960s, the ducktail and Pompadour hairstyle was popular among Americans in big cities like New York. Sideburns were also famous in that time, and styles like mod haircut, Long and Luscious hairstyle, the buzzcut were popularised by action heroes like Steve McQueen. To keep the hair in place, they had to use large quantities of grease or Brylcreem. In the early seventies, men began growing longer hair as a way of rebelling against the social norms in the past years. In the late seventies, sideburns and facial hair went out of fashion, and they tended to do chop, buzz cuts, shag to have an athletic look. 

Many musicians and music bands had their own stylings and identity. Those musicians influenced their followers, and they tended to do the styles that the music band or the musicians had. For example, rock bands wore no-nonsense longer hair, and their followers also had the same type. Reggae had various layered and textured styles, and they influenced its followers to wear the same manner. Like that in that decade, men tended to do the same kind that their following celebrities do. 

In the early seventies, society has been influenced by the re-emerged of long hair and facial hair in the sixties. Many institutions and conservative people viewed long hair and facial hair as plain wrong. The ones with long hair and facial hair were forcibly shaved, and companies started advertising ‘ mustaches not welcome.’ 

Not only that, at schools, long-haired students were banned from their colleges and schools. Because of these things, people adjusted to those rules. Either they cut their hair and outside the schools and companies wear long-haired wigs or false mustaches as they need, or they wear short-haired wigs to cover their long hair inside the schools and companies. No matter what the rules inside the schools and offices, they managed to keep their fashions in their way. However, after some time, that attitude changed and long hair and facial hair became accepted, and people could do styles as they wanted. 

Keep scrolling and have a look at men’s hairstyles of that period, and don’t forget to pick the best one out of them.











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