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Meet the “Queen of the Black,” who was encouraged to bleach her abnormally dark complexion by an Uber driver due to her unusually dark skin tone and hair color.

Meet Nyakim Gatwech, a model from South Sudan who inspires people to be fearless in the dark. With her vibrant complexion and ferocious determination, she is shattering the confines of traditional beauty and motivating others to do the same. 

The 24-year-old aspiring fashion icon, who now resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota, has no qualms about flaunting her tan, and she makes sure the rest of the world is aware of it. “My chocolate is sophisticated. So is what I stand for. “A nation of warriors,” she captioned one of her numerous Instagram photographs, which regularly receive more than 10,000 likes. In another, she recounts an encounter with an Uber driver who advised she try ‘bleaching’ her complexion, to which she just laughed. “You wouldn’t believe the types of questions I get and the glances I get because of my skin.” 

Gatwech is a global champion for Black rights and a proponent of diversity in the fashion business. She’s been crowned “Queen of the Dark,” a title she embraces wholeheartedly. “Black is strong, beautiful, and wealthy… Allowing American norms to harm your African soul is not a good idea.” I love the skin you’re in, no matter what shade or colour it is! 

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Nyakim Gatwech, 24, is making waves in the fashion world with her lusciously dark skin. 

However, not everyone admired the South Sudanese model’s distinctive beauty before she became famous. 

In 2016, an Uber driver advised her to bleach her skin, meaning that her dark skin was unappealing. 

She merely laughed it off and has since fully embraced her unique features. 

“My chocolate is sophisticated. So is what I stand for… She captioned an Instagram snap, “A country of warriors.” 

Nyakim, who now resides in Minneapolis, is a source of inspiration for the Black community. 

She commented, “You are beyond lovely, and my love for you is unconditional because you are me.” 

“Let us demonstrate to the world that we are a gorgeous, educated people who are more than just dark-skinned.” 

With over 100,000 Instagram followers, the burgeoning fashion icon has gone viral. 

Even though she occasionally receives discouraging messages, she refuses to give up her brilliant self-love. 

She has even earned the moniker “Queen of the Dark,” which she loves. 

“My hair defies gravity, and my skin absorbs the sun’s beams.” You can’t say I’m not magical now!” 

Source:  boredpanda.com 



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