Among the GOT talent shows, the AGT is a crucial one as it is the guiding talent show in the world. Therefore, we can see lots of individuals as well as the teams are approaching this amazing contest from all around the world. Not only the Americans, but the other nationalities are coming from overseas countries to the AGT. 

The Mayyas, a dancing team has approached this contests. They are known by almost every Arab in Middles East as they got the Arab Got Talent titles back in 2019 for their amazing performance. The Mayyas not only came and performed on AGT, but got themselves a golden button press from Sofia Vergara. It has passed lots of time since then, and we will see where they are along with the career, social media, members, and more things you need to know.

How do we know Mayyas?

May is a Lebanese dancing team who are made of 31 members who are also from Lebanon. They have a history so are the members in the team. The specialty of the dancing team is it being made of females. We can see that the Mayyas are changing their number, 31, who take part in a performance but not the type of the members. 

They are ranging from 13 to 25 in ages and they have got the skill more than you can imagine. AGT was among the most embracing platform for them even if they have already got the Arab Got Talent. According to the performance they made in Arab Got Talent, we can see it was a performance that any opponent could come near.

Who is the Choreographer of Mayyas

Nadim Shierfan is the choreographer of Mayyas. He is no just the choreographer but does lots of effort taking things for the Mayyas.

Although the performers are girls, and we can see ladies are those who do the dancing, the brain behind the dancing is Nadim Shierfan. He not only manages the team but provides the guidance to individuals to get their best out of them.

Having various dancing methods in their dancing style is an idea of Nadim Shierfan. The manager has been able to bring down lots of targets all by himself. Not only Arab Got Talent but, getting into the seams of AGT is a his skill. In a country where everything has been a challenge, Nadim has been an inspiration for the team.

The choreography is the official duty assigned to Nadim. In an Islamic country where the dress has to be exceptionally formal, Nadim could make his girls appealing and that is a victory itself. The choreography was appreciated by both AGT and BGT judges as well. The golden buzzer gained on the AGT given by Sofia Vergara was contributed by Nadim’s choreography as well.

How did Mayyas face the America’s Got Talent Auditions?

There are three main phases for the Mayyas on AGT, the signing up at AGT, performing on Semis, and getting the title.  They were one of the most successful teams in the start as they got a golden buzzer. In the very beginning, the Mayyas got the notice regarding the recognition from Simon, Simon had seen the performances from the team Mayyas on BGT and he said that. Although a typical dance may have accessories as well as movements, the Mayyas had them more. Also, the length of the dance was lengthier than a typical one.

When it comes to the elements of the dancing by the team, they had quicker, more appealing, more eye movements, and slower dance movements in their performance. Nadim is the person to be credited for that as well. Simon was the first to give credit to the Mayyas. “It was one of the most magnificent and creative performance I have ever seen. I think, you should get something from us”. Just like Simon wanted them to have something special from the AGT, Sofia gave them that thing, an entry ticket to the Semis straight away, the golden buzzer. Before giving that, she said, “You guys are amazing and you deserve something more!”.

Winning the AGT final

Mayyas could win the AGT final and it was the first time a dancing team did that. Mayyas were sent into the semis by Sofia Vergara due to their exceptional performance.

Mayyas dancing tea got several exclusive appreciations. Being a team made only of female dancers, being entirely Muslim, being completely out of USA, and having chosen to the semis due  a golden buzzer are few of them. Despite the fact the Mayyas got the golden buzzer, the team was awarded with the highest number of votes by public too. The final was held in Las Vegas this week. The final was not an easy one as there were more 09 finalists who wanted the final.

The strategy brought the choreographer, Nadim was delivering an Arabesque moves and fluid choreography as their final act. Indeed it was a mesmerizing one as Heidi mentioned. The act was something more advanced than their previous acts on AGT as it was lengthier, excited, and having more accessories used throughout the act. The golden face masks, white feathered belly-dancer outfits, and the sparkling globes of lights held on their hands or the feature Mayyas got to perform their act. 

Simon Cowell, Sofia Vergara, Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel were the judges who were there to judge the act and they all seemed to be happiest among all. 

It was up to the public for the confirmation and they had done with the best intervention. Mayyas had won the AGT title 2022. The team had dedicated their victory for the Lebanese people who are going through a touch tie and there was an Instagram post regarding that. 

The famous Lebanese singer, Maya Diab, had supported them throughout the campaign and she had posted on Instagram congratulating them. When it comes to Sofia, the special person who gave them the ticket, had posted on Instagram “You deserve This”. 

Mayyas Members

The dancing team is made of 31 members. There are three main dances in the team, leading dancers, secondary dancers, and those who are getting into the track. The leading dancers have been training unfree the Mayyas title for more than 05 years and they are Jenna, Lina, Jeronna, Madaya, Nicole, and Duna. Including those leading dancers, there are youngsters who are also from Lebanon. Although the dancers are from one of the poorest countries in the world, they did not expect the mercy or the kindness for their performances. Jenna is the oldest member in the dancing group and she has been working with Mayyas for 08 years. 

“We have happened to face lots of challenges. Obviously, being poor is the challenge we have to face. Even as a country we are poor. Also, our culture suggests us to go for other profession as dancing is not approved by Lebanese culture. This is our passion and this is what we do.” Said Jenna.

How long has Nadim been with Mayyas dance group?

Nadim is the founder of Mayyas. Nadeem was born in Lebanon in 1991 and we don’t know his birthday yet. He has mentioned that it is his dream to be with a world known dancing team. Nadeem has been in couple of dancing teams and he has realized that dancing was not the only his available ability but managing others. 

As the choreographer and the only male soul in the Mayyas dancing team, Nadim has managed everything a clear path for the girls. He ha been the best dancing founder at the moment who could get both Arab Got Tale and America Got Talent within 03 years. The specialty is that neither Nadim or Mayyas dancing girls are from America.

Mayyas Dance Group founder Nadim Cherfan

Career Of Mayyas With Nadim

Nadim started his journey in 2000 when Nadim was just a 09 years old kid. As previously mentioned, he started his journey as a dancer. They were night clubs he first used to dance and then he found himself being in a dancing team. 

After serving as a leading dancer for 12 years, Nadim got idea to start his own dancing tem. The very first step of Nadim as to take his dancing team, Mayyas into Arab Got Talent in which he won the title. Although the price was something less than the AGT prize, Nadim could solve all his financial difficulties. After the Nadim could take his team into BGT n which he left empty handed. But, the comments from9 Judges encouraged he and his team and he ended up being in the AGT.

Social media

Instagram is the most successful social media platform for Mayyas. They have been keeping their Instagram account regularly with active contribution. Mayyas has added just 42 posts and has got almost 500,000 followers. They are posting images of the team members and using it for their career growth. 

Mayas dance Crew’s Net worth

The Mayyas dancing crew’s net worth has just increased. They had a net worth of $500,000 just before the AGT and it has increased up to $1 500,000 a few days ago along with the AGT winning prize. Arab Got Taken winning prize, Influencing, live events, sponsoring, and the affiliate marketing source of the founder are the income generating methods for the available net worth.  However, the 1M USD was the highest single payment they have ever received. The dancing team will get more offers in the future, and we can assume they will grow their net worth massively just like other AGT winners did.


  • From where are the Mayyas dancers?
  • They are all Lebanese and they are from all parts of the country.
  • How old are Mayyas girls?
  • The girls are from various ages. The oldest girl is Jenna and she is 26 years old. The youngest girl is just 15. We can say that the dancers’ age range from 5 to 26.
  • Can I call Mayyas for a live show?
  • Of course you can. All you have to do is to contact Nadir of Mayyas and ask him. They have provided their contact details in their social media.
  • Where is Mayyas from?
  • They are from Lebanon.
  • Did Mayyas go to final?
  • Yes. They not only got to the final but won the title this year, 2022.  

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