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Kittens In Each Of His Colors Are Born To A Cat With A Split-Colored Face

If you like cats, you may recall Narnia, the two-faced cat from the Chronicles of Narnia. His face is evenly divided between gray and black. We initially learned about him in 2018. Now that he’s grown up, Narnia is the proud father of two adorable children: black-haired Prada and gray-haired Phoenix. And they’re all the same color as their father’s face. 

“When Narnia was born, I was completely taken aback. I could see he was special right away.” However, the youngsters grow up quickly, and the boi has developed into a full-fledged heartthrob… and a father! Stephanie Jiminez, the owner of Narnia, remembers the story. 

Narnia: the cat with a two-colored face

And now he’s a proud father of two kitten balls

Narnia enjoys being a parent, according to Stephanie Jiminez. “Narnia is in good health and enjoys playing with his kittens.” 

Stephanie is a professional cat breeder who claims that this isn’t the first time Narnia has given birth to a child. He has been a father on numerous occasions. So, Prada and Phoenix had Orfée and Ozanna, light brown twins, Roswell, who is pitch black, gray Rose, and two magnificent multicolored boys, Phantom and Polaris, who are following in their father’s footsteps. 

Genes from mom and dad

Narnia’s eyes catch every cat lover

Except for Prada and Phoenix, everyone else has Narnia’s stunning blue eyes. “It’s quite rare; there are just a few fully pigmented cats with blue eyes in the world. Stephanie stated that this is a novel gene dubbed “ice.” 

Narnia was born in Paris, but now resides in the United Kingdom with Stephanie. He was initially mistook for a rare chimera cat. Stephanie said that DNA testing has revealed that this was not the case with the Chronicles of Narnia. “A geneticist conducted tests and discovered that Narnia had only one DNA… science is still baffled,” she claimed. 

With the owner

And people all over the world adore this happy family



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