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It’s Possible That The Late Pet Returned Home As A New-Born Baby

This is an extraordinary story about a family’s bond with their pet. The Wangs lived with their pet dog, Renault, because they yearned for a child and their pet was the only source of joy they had. 

Renault grew weaker as time went, having lived for 11 long years. Renault was licking its from paw just before it died, revealing some kind of mark that had previously gone unnoticed. It has been identified as a birthmark by doctors. Mrs. Wang has finally conceived! Renault, on the other hand, did not live long enough to see the kid arrive in the world. Surprisingly, the new-born baby convinced the Wangs that their love and bond with Renault had resulted in this magnificent miracle, as the new-born baby had the same birthmark as Renault! This wonderful tale has gone viral, and here are some photographs of Renault and the Wang family. In the comments area below, let us know what you think about this story! 

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#1. The Wangs

#2. Renault, their lovely pet, has an amazing birthmark. 

#3. It was standing on its front paw. .

#4. The Wangs are overjoyed that their newborn has the same birthmark as them. 

#5. Renault lies in silence.



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