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Is Windows Trying To Wipe Out Skype From The Internet?

Skype has not only been an app or a software but a technology that could collect lots of departed people together. Rumors have stated spreading about the removal of Skype from the users along with the windows. The Windows 11 is the latest version for the Desktops and laptops offered by the Microsoft. After having a beta period, the OS was released worldwide in last week. 

Most people had stated that the latest versions look awesome and contains more features than any other Windows OS version. Also, some reviews and experiences had been shared on the internet that the Windows 11 is stepping towards another iOS that can contain revolutionary changes and modifications.

Although Windows is among the world’s most trusted operating system, there were not seemingly embracing changes. A user had the ability to find similarities between the version 1 and the 10 of the windows versions. Therefore, users had complained that both the user-friendliness as well as the new experience should be coming along with the Windows version. That can be the reason why Microsoft had introduced an Operating system that has got lots of changes. Among the changes introduced in Windows 11, some features have gone missing. Indeed, the Skype is in a situation that can have a risk of losing!

Although news had spread that eh Windows almost official video chatting app will be placed as an integrated app for the Windows 11, the rumors started to spread that the windows will not contain the Skype for Windows in the 11th version. 

Adrian Wecker was the first to commence the lightning. He had published in his Irish Editing pare that the Skype is about to say goodbye an there will not be a comeback. After having purchased by the Microsoft Company about ten years ago, Skype had a great time as a video chatting app. It didn’t have a competitor as well. Most importantly, people used to have the Skype as the official conferencing app even in the 2020 COVID19 period. Along with the errors, people started complaining about the Skype. Besides the competition has come into a stage unlike any day in the video conferencing history.

Skype was an app that has got more than one billion downloads and millions of users. The company was purchased by Microsoft Company for $5.1Bn about ten years ago. Started in 2003 for the first time, the technology had not been invented at the time for facilitating a great experience.

People had asked about the updates as well as the fixing of errors which Microsoft had a bit frustration. Messenger, Whatsapp, and Flash like apps had made a crucial affect in the same time. Although Whatsapp and Viber-like apps had been started as the messaging apps, they were moved into the Windows platform. All the things made a setback unlike any day Microsoft company had stepped in.

Angela Ashenden is a Windows analyst who stated “Windows is moving far beyond a typical app like the Skype. Therefore, now is the best time to think and step out of the typical box. Also, people are looking for new things. Therefore, a new logo, a software, and lots of changes are required for a better video conferencing future”. Like he said, lots of graphics as well as features are required by a conferencing app. Along with the updates, the Skype team has not facilitated a proper backing for their customers. Therefore, it can be assumed that the Angela Ashenden’s idea is similar to most of the Windows users who use Skype for fulfilling their tasks.

Zoom was another app that could get the attention of the whole world. When there is a pandemic and having the necessity to work with a proper app that could help with the online learning, Zoom app was something embracing. Skye had to fight for this thing as well. Eth end result was to hand over the victory to the Zoom app.

Ms Ashenden, one of the Microsoft company’s executive officer had mentioned, “We were having a great time in the video conferencing prior to the Pandemic. People dint have much complicated conferencing needs as well as the academic tasks. But, the sudden requirement of various features were not tolerable to use. So, we could not compete with the other choices in the same field. Therefore, we had to remove the Skype app out of our preinstalled list to ensure the customers would keep the good feeling. Since Skype app has become a failure attempt in 2021, Microsoft Company had to remove it”. 

However, users have the freedom to enjoy the Skype app after installing as a new software on the Windows computer. It will be just a matter of time. 

Although news is not coming from the Microsoft about a new conferencing app, they purchased LinkedIn last year. Also, they had some crucial steps like introducing new features such as group video conferencing to bring a good experience for the users. 

According to internal news sources of the Microsoft, the company had a reasonable profit in the last year which was not enough though. The company had got 70% new users as the newcomers to the Skye app. But, when compared to the success other apps and platforms had collected, it was indeed a nothing. 

Ms Ashenden further explained, “We are not going to introduce more features nor apps for the users. As we can see, there is a huge gap between the smartphones and the computers. Sometimes, users prefer phones than the desktop computers when performing specific tasks. Video conferencing has become of them eventually”. 

According to the employee, the company is not going for more things. It seems Microsoft has already stopped getting into the competition. Although video conferencing related to the academic is always a new thing to do, Microsoft seems to have developed the desires in the Operating System based products but not the video conferencing. 

Along with the removal of the Skye, windows is going to introduce more changes such as not-pinning cortana to taskbar, replaced Edge with the internet explorer, and the paint 3D and the 3D desktop will be the next steps of the Windows. Therefore, bothering of lacking will not be worthy at all.  



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